Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pretty in Purple....

You would think with all the wonderful gifts I'm receiving that I would finally be in the mood for Christmas. Yesterday I had another surprise in the mailbox! Look at these beautiful....purple coasters that Pirk sent to me! I love them!! They are so me!!

I scanned them and one corner seems a bit faded but that's just from the scanner. They are a beautiful, rich deep purple and so lacy and pretty. I have my cup of warm apple juice sitting on one of them right now.....

Thank you, Pirk!!


  1. Yes...Blogger is at it again!!! I've been having problems with it also...Do you have any Christmas spirit yet? Have you driven around the neighborhood at night yet??? to see all the decorated houses for the holidays??? This might help! I'm thinking of everything to help you get the "Spirit Feeling"!!!!

  2. Sweet srochet coasters AND in your signature colour Janet..!
    Can't get in the spirit eh? Hmmmm...
    Have you tried Sombra's remedy...candy canes..?
    I'm not sure how many you have to eat, but they seem to be working for him...!

  3. That is supposed to be CROCHET...but you knew that..!

  4. The crochet coaster are really neat. I like them a lot. Janet, what can we do to help you get in the mood for Christmas?! I have Christmas carols playing right now in the background. That and candy canes together would be sure to do it!

  5. So pretty! What a lovely treat and I adore that they're purple.

  6. Anonymous11:58 AM

    We gotta help you get into that good ole' Christmas Spirit, Janet!
    "We Wish you a Merry Christmas, We Wish you a Merry Christmas..."
    Woohoo! Candy Canes may very well do the trick! Or how about playing some Jazzy Music and doing a dance. I can come over and we can dance to some Swing music.
    Oh yes..."In the Mood!" That's a good one to dance to...


  7. I'm glad they arrived safely.
    It's hard to get the spirit, but I am determined to come up with something. and that something is to bake gingerbread cookies.
    Maybe the smell of ginger, cinnamon and clove will do the trick.

  8. Those coasters are beautiful snow flakes, although I've never seen purple snow. LOL

    As for the sign in problem, it is simple to solve. Go to your own blog first kids, sign in with your google account (yes Blogger did sell out to Google - that would be capitalism for sure)When you open your site, look in the upper right corner. It says SIGN IN. Click there, and it takes you to a place again in the upper right. Put your google account email and password there, click Remember Me (which they have NOT perfected yet) and click sign in. Then you can go to everyones blog and your name and picture will show up. Sorry bor bloging on your blog Janet. Maybe post this on your blog and they will comment about your art instead of comment sign in problems. LOL

  9. I love the purple coasters, I have been looking for purple thread to no avail.
    As for the Christmas Spirit, you are one of the most loving,caring,
    giving,sensitive people I know,
    sssooooo YOUR ALREADY THERE!

  10. LIke the purple coasters, and the cute patterns. You seem to do really well in your library for books 'Simply your Christmas' sounds good.

  11. Hey Janet - don't worry too much about the Christmas spirit :) It hasn't hit me down here yet and Christmas comes here before you get it :) and if I happen to find the spirit, I will send it on up xoxo
    or maybe we can be just too bah humbugs together ?

  12. Such pretty coasters! The crochet reminds me of my aunt Charlene - she made me so many pretties! I treasure them! :)

  13. See how much you are loved, you get such pretty presents! I hope you get mine soon. Don't worry about the spirit of Christmas, you have it, just remember the "reason for the season". Thats what counts!

  14. Ah Christmas spirit...where are you? Well, the more blogs I read the happier I get, so maybe that's what my spirit will be this year. Don't even have a tree yet, may not. Seems so same ol, same ol. But I do have some candles in the windows and a wreath at the door, and Christmas cards plastered on the walls. And a huge candle on the table, and an essential oil burner with "Apple Pie Spice" that enough Christmas spirit? For me it prolly is.

    Uh, Janet, that apple juice is sitting in a dangerous place. I spilled a coke once into my keyboard at work and my boss had to buy a new one because it got all sticky and ruined......oops! :) Have a great holiday day today!


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