Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa visits again....

Once again the mailbox held a surprise for me....poor HB!! He goes down to get the mail and always comes back with some package or cards for me. We don't usually get as many cards as we once did. I think more and more people are just not sending cards anymore.

This mailbox surprise was from Beth!! She is such a sweetie. Look at this....

I now have 2 (!!) ATCs. And isn't that moose/reindeer card cute? And the little snowman ornament, too. Now I guess I have to get busy....Beth sent me this fantastic crochet book for my collection and it has some really neat patterns in it. It was all such a nice surprise.

And then I also received this beautiful handmade card and an ornament from by best friend Gail.

Here is a photo of what she sent....

And here is the inside of the card....

Isn't that just the cutest!! Just in case, when you click on the photo you can't read it, here is a scan of the inside. Sorry about the odd coloration but it's all due to the scanner....

I hope you can read the little story on the left's about Harley and LuLu.
Thank you,'re the best!


  1. How fun! Love the kitties!!

  2. What a pretty original card and a cute ornament! I have 1 black you have 2?

  3. Oh,,I am so glad you liked your package Janet! I loved the Kitty card,,how cute she wrote about Harley and Lulu! Hope your having a good day!

  4. Did you recognize the silhouette of Harley and Lulu was taken from one of your previous posts, where they were looking out the door? Glad you liked it.

  5. Excellent Mail day! I especially love the kitty ornament!

  6. looks like you are keeping the poor old fat dude in the red suit busy! Have a really Great Christmas, and a Happy New Year


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