Sunday, December 17, 2006

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign....

Sorry I haven't been on here, or visited anyone the last day or so....just busy. Now don't go getting all excited on didn't have anything to do with Christmas!! Still no tree.

And since I'm kinda busy I'm going to grab a couple of cute quizzes from Deb and do those today.

I've always been interested in astrology and I think the Chinese astrology is fun too. So here is the first one:

You Were Born Under:

Your most comfortable inside your head - and often daydream the day away.
You have an artistic temperament that makes you seem creative to some, eccentric to others.
You avoid conflict at all costs, and you have a difficult time with relationships.
Attractive and with good manners, you tend to shine in social situations.

You are most compatible with a Pig or Rabbit.

Most of this is me although I wouldn't say I shine in social situations. But I do spend a lot of time inside my head!! I also avoid conflicts as much as possible, and I'm sure no one ever thinks I'm eccentric....wink, wink!

Now the next one....

You Should Have Been Born Under:

You are solid, methodical, and you do things right the first time.
Even when no one else does, you always believe in yourself.
You tend to see the world in black and white, right or wrong.
A good memory and eye for details means you tend to thrive at near impossible tasks.

You are most compatible with a Snake or Rooster.

Both of these are rather plodding, heavy animals!! I think it's interesting that HB is an Aries, the sign of the ram.

I do tend to be methodical and have an eye for details. As for the part about thriving at near impossible tasks....maybe that means I'll finally get the studio organized!

The second one obviously doesn't realize my strong dislike for SNAKES as it thought I would be most compatible with one!! Actually my first husband was born the year of the snake. Maybe that was our problem!!


  1. I always thought being born in the year of the rat was bad until I thought about the snake. I have issues with snakes similar to yours. My husband used to go through the national geographic to make sure there were no pics of snakes-that's love.

  2. Oh! Dear! I was born in the year of the snake. But I was born in May and that may make all the difference. Many are secretly in love with me! Snort! Gaffaw! LOL!

  3. This proved interesting for me Janet, I was born under the sign of the Ox, and I should have been born under the sign of the Ox. What you see is what you get with me.

  4. I loved the signs. I am so busy right now,,just been posting a few pics of the older years.

  5. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I am a dog who should have been a horse attracted to dogs. LOL No wonder I'm OK with myself.

    Oops, not signed in:

  6. I have been busy too ~ I just don't have enough hours in a day. I am sure we will all get back to normal soon xo

  7. dee- we have the same issues!!
    mary timme - thanks for that! I had a little chuckle when I read it!
    sheila - what I see is just perfect
    beth - been trying to comment on your blog but can't! Blogger, bah, humbug!!
    maryellen - that makes perfect sense to me!!
    miss r - do you really think I'll be "normal" soon??


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