Friday, December 15, 2006

Some Leftovers....

There is a little bit of Christmas decorating going on at Chez Bee-cause! HB put up the big wreath on the front of the house/garage. He does this every year. It has lights and looks very pretty at night. The wreath is about 32" across but it still looks small on the front of the garage!

Since I still haven't put up a tree, I thought I would show you a photo from last year! This was taken in the process of decorating the tree.

HB likes lots of garland! The tree is artificial and stands 7 1/2' tall but then he built the tree stand onto a riser so that it sits about 2' off the floor! Thank goodness we have very high ceilings in the living room.

These were my poinsettias last year. I love that sleigh they're in but I sold it at the yard sale!

And last, here's an artificial arrangement I made last year....

The vase was a housewarming gift from Molly when we moved into this house. It's one of my favorite things....deep purple and about 18" tall.


  1. I think I can see something...over there..yes it is..Christmas spirit!!
    It sneaked in when you weren't looking and has begun to take hold...I knew it would!
    The outdoor wreath will be wonderful..!
    I thought I was the only one who sold stuff in yard sales or gave it away, only to look back and think..THAT WAS CUTE !..what was I thinking?
    BTW..that is one HUGE tree....!!!

  2. Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat! she sang merrily. I think Christmas is coming in your heart even if a lot of decorations aren't up! The wreath is lovely, and just right. That tree is huge, enormous and a bit daunting! I might have to take a few breaths to get started, but it is really beautiful!

  3. Hi Janet, thanks for stopping by.I love the tatted coasters. They're lovely. Isn't it great to have talented and thoughful friends? The only dec I did outside this year are a bunch of red bows that go with my freshly painted red door. the Blogger thing is really getting to me-I'm starting to think Typepad.

  4. Wow, that`s a nice big tree and pretty too!
    You do sound like you`re getting into the Christmas spirit :) It always takes me a bit. I personally think all the commercialism pushing us far too soon. Love those bits and pieces of Christmas. I`m putting everything in one comment because I have such a darn slow computer :(
    Elvis had to be bribed with treats for him to allow that on his head LOL
    Have a wonderful Christmas Janet!


  5. wow, thats a pretty tree..I think while christmas is still arriving here, it has totally taken over your gorgeous home Janet!!!
    Just lovely!!! Peace, Kai

  6. I love the wreath! And aren't husbands wonderful when they will hang them up for us? Don't worry about a tree, your in the spirit and thats what counts!! I hope I can post this tonight, I haven't been able to comment on your blog lately. But I will e-mail you this week-end! Christmas hugs to you Sweet Janet!!!

  7. That tree is gorgeous, but no wonder you are hesitating to put it up, it looks like a daunting task, and the packing away is such a mission! Blow up this photo and hang it on the wall, much easier!

  8. by the way, a lot of people are stressing about comments, i think i might have it sorted, it was driving me crazy.... open your blog, and open blogger dashboard in a seperate tab, then sign in on dashboard, leave it open, then go back to your blog and follow your links to start visiting. Since I've been doing this I haven't had a problem.

  9. Hurray! Blogger's letting me comment.

    Your tree is beautiful! I think it's so sweet when guys get into the holiday spirit - the wreath is lovely.

  10. Anonymous9:06 AM

    I don't have a tree up yet either, Janet. I truly don't know if I'll get the chance to put one up...
    But you know what? Whenever I step outside and see all those evergreens with the ice crystals on them, I figure that they are decorated for Christmas. When someone smiles at me...that little warm feeling I get in my heart, that's the Christmas spirit...


  11. Everything is so pretty!! Love it!!

  12. sold that cool sleigh at a yard sale!!! I love Poinsettias...Did you know that they were actually introduced in Chaarleston by Capt. Poinsett???? Yep, they were named after him!

  13. Anonymous12:42 AM

    I'm glad to see that you've got some Christmas decorating done - go on, put that tree up, you know you want to really! I hate all the commercialism too but just ignore it as much as I can, since I neither watch much TV nor go shopping in town any more than is absolutely necessary I can escape the worst of all the hype and noise. See if you can get a copy of the English animated film 'The Snowman' - if anything will get you in the right frame of mind that will, and the music to it is lovely. Box of tissues may be necessary at the end though:)
    Rowan (I'm having to post as Anonymous!


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