Friday, December 22, 2006

Some Wild and Crazy Christmas Fun....

When I first moved to CA in 1979, I had the good fortune to meet a woman who made a big impression on my life. We worked together and she began talking with me, and then she invited me to her home. She had a roommate, a guy, and between them I was launched into a very eclectic group of people. Many of them were engineers and worked in the aviation field, a couple of them worked at JPL, there was a paralegal, and some other varied careers in the bunch. They were all single, never married, very intelligent, and fun-loving....and there were several hang-glider enthusiasts in the group. They thought it was cool that I had a that time my son was not living with me. He had gone back to Illinois. Molly was about 12 years old when I met this group of people. They took her under their wing. She had a crush on the main guy for quite some time!

We spent most weekends together usually going out to eat en masse at least one night a week. I'm sure it must have been a bit daunting to have all of us show up at a restaurant....we usually numbered about a dozen. Many times we would choose some small, out-of-the-way restaurant that had been written up in the LA Weekly or one of the other newspapers. Rarely did we stay within our own neighborhood.

We always had fun. There were very lively and interesting conversations and everyone got along. No one in the group dated anyone in the group so it was a nice relaxed atmosphere of guys and gals with different backgrounds, different sexual preferences, different just-about-everything.

One year at Christmastime, the one guy who was usually the "leader" of our group decided we should all have Christmas together at his home. He went out and got a live tree and set it in his living room. Everyone was instructed to bring paper, glue, scissors, and any other crafty things we wanted plus something to be used for baking.

We all showed up at his place on the appointed day and he told us we were going to make all the decorations for the tree....and we were also going to bake Christmas cookies. Just like one big family.

That was one of the best Christmas celebrations I ever had! We made paper chains and snowflakes and all kinds of little paper ornaments. We cut and glued and glittered and laughed and had fun. The little tree looked beautiful when we finished.

Then we began the baking. Oh, boy! Was that something! We had all kinds of ingredients and more helpers then could fit in the kitchen. We decided to make gingerbread men....but not just ordinary gingerbread men. We were going along just fine until someone made a goof-up on the looked rather risque! That was all it took. From then on we made X-rated gingerbread men and women! Anatomically correct!! We laughed and played and baked....and Molly was completely appalled at the behavior of all of us!! Adults! Yuk!!

Then someone decided we should make rum balls. Only problem....we didn't have any rum. Not to worry! The host had a bottle of Wild Turkey someone had given to him as a gift! That was it....we made Wild Turkey Balls!! You can just imagine all the jokes that were made about Wild Turkey balls!! We laughed so much my face hurt.

Needless to say it was a crazy, fun day and we all felt as if we were part of a huge family. We continued to celebrate holidays together for many more years. But somehow the group drifted apart....some people got married, others moved away. I haven't seen any of them for a long, long time but I still remember all those fun times we had together.


  1. What a fun Christmas memory, Janet. Hope this Christmas is as merry and bright for you!

  2. What a beautiful memory Janet and I'll bet your now all grown up daughter looks back on all that "adult" humor with great pleasure and appreaciates it now.

  3. How wonderful to have these great memories even though you are all scattered now - bet all the others remember too at this time of the year. Wish I could have been there - it sounds such fun.

  4. This is a wonderful memory Janet and one that sounds like it was so much fun to be a part of. I bet there are some Christmas' where one or more of them retell about that same fabulous time. It's hard when lively groups like that end up scattering in their lives but you will always have this to remember.

  5. Now Janet Girl!!! This sounds like a fun time baking!!!! I'm going to have to "incorporate" this in to my baking today!!!!

  6. What fun, Janet!

    Some of my favorite holidays are those that just sort of happen. I love stories like this.

  7. I love hearing other people's holiday memories -- but this is a special one indeed!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Wild Turkey balls??!! Gingerbread men/women.. ROFLM *Tushie* off!!
    Janet Im smiling ear to ear too, ty for sharing the fun!!
    PEace, Kai.

  9. Sounds like a fun time in Christmas past. We had a group of friends we had fun like that with 20 or so years ago, but like you we drifted apart. That's probably as well, I don't think I could keep up with them these days..LOL
    Merry Christmas Janet..!

  10. I wish you had photos of the gingerbread people. :-)

  11. That sounds like my kind of Christmas, Janet! :) Great memories and a wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing the Joy...hope this Christmas brings you Many Blessings..
    Suze xXx


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