Sunday, December 03, 2006

What in the world have you been doing???

Yes, I'm still alive!! I'm sure some of you have wondered what I've been doing. I just realized (when Pirk mentioned it in an email)that I haven't posted anything since Thursday!! Sorry! I just got caught up in reading all your blogs and completely forgot that I have one too!

Nothing drastic going on....just the usual chaos around here. HB has been working at stripping all the kitchen cabinets. Someone at some time had painted (and I used that word very loosely!) hideous stencil designs on the fronts of all the upper cabinets. Plus they had done a free-hand border around each door....and I do mean free-hand!! From the moment I first walked into this house I hated the cabinets and wanted them changed. Well, somehow they always got put on the back burner when it was time to do anything to the house. So finally the stencils are almost all gone!! There are three doors still to be done and then we can begin the re-finishing of them and I should end up with halfway decent cabinets....finally! This is the before photo....

I haven't taken any after photos yet but will do them soon.

When the house is in turmoil, so am I. And even though I'm not much good in the kitchen I still like to have some kind of order in there. I'm sure you all must be thinking that we are taking a very long time getting these jobs done....and you would be right! Neither one of us is exactly a ball of fire when it comes to doing things around the house. I would much rather spend time in my studio, and HB would rather be online doing research on his stocks or looking for real estate. Plus we don't actually work well together. HB has spent many years in the electrical trade and usually had an apprentice working with him who anticipated his every need.... and I don't do that! So therein lies our problem. But we manage to get the job done once we finally commit to it.

When we bought this house in September 2001 HB was still working. But by February of 2002 he was on medical disability for almost two years. He had what is known around here as "valley fever"....if you've never heard of it, you can read about it here. It was a particularly bad time for us and HB was not able to do much of anything. The doctor had him on medications and they ultimately caused further problems. He had a long recovery period. At one point they thought the disease may have spread to other parts of his body but luckily it hadn't. He's fine today.

But the house just took a backseat to everything else. Then when he finally got his strength back, there was a backload of chores to be done, things to be fixed, and projects to tackle. We were just thinking we were seeing the end in sight when we had the broken pipe in our office on Labor Day weekend. And from then on it's just been one thing after another that we've been working on. Plus all this going on while everyday life still continues to take time and energy.

Now the holidays are upon us and neither one of us is ready for them. We have managed to begin making our Christmas cards so the kitchen table has been "creation central" for the past several days. We have a sort of production line worked out where HB does some parts of the card and I do the other parts. So far we're doing fine!

So that's the saga of life at Chez Bee-cause!!


  1. Hi Janet,
    We move slowly on projects too, but they will get done. I read your link to Valley's not something I knew about. I'm glad HB is over it, though it must have been scary at the time.
    My husband would love to move, but after 20 years in this house, everything is fixed(for now) & the thought of starting over makes me tired..! There are far more fun things to do. Can't wait to see the kitchen doors when you are done..Have a great Sunday..xo

  2. Hi Janet,
    Likewise here on the moving slowly. I've got this silly pinched nerve in my back--or so they say--and have just discovered I'm allergic to Ibuprophen, and have a sore throat! We aren't even making it to church today. I finally got two places Tim missed in his vacuuming yesterday. He has Macular Degeneration and it makes so he can't always see what he's missing when he tries to help with my back hurting by doing some chores for me.

    My mom lived in Arizona in Mesa, Rimrock and Sun City and suffered from that kind of "valley fever." I assume it is similar as the symptoms were similar. I'm glad your sweetie is better. I was getting concerned. Missed your wonderful blogs.

    I finally got to add a comment to your comment and get a new blog up for today also.

  3. Aloha Janet, Just stopped in to see what you're up too..I hope things improve for you..caution ok?
    I like the kitchen cabinet idea you have.. Of course I have **other** issues with mine before I can paint them..
    It's the last episode of Heroes this week..sigh..I need a lost/heroes marathon.. Or keep watching EVEREST on the Im an addict.
    Peace and ty for listening..

  4. It seems that when you own a home, the repairs and spruce ups never end....sometimes we tackle them with enthusiam and accomplish a lot...especially if we throw enough $$$$ at the flaws. (Our house is a 1970's ranch-style, things are just beginning to "shift".)
    I'm just concentrating on cleaning and decorating now...we can renovate later....if we get to it!
    Hope those kitchen cabinets come out great for you!
    Love the idea that you are making Christmas cards with your hubby!

  5. If I could point to a completed project I would likely faint or clutch my chest and fall to the floor in shock... are not alone Janet! I think the world is unfinished, and people just pretend that it is.
    I keep telling myself that...
    You will be ready when you are ready. I am glad your husband is over it, if we have our health, we have EVERYTHING.
    xo (That is better than being ready.)
    Oh and Kai, I agree about Everest...I keep thinking it is me up there...


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