Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Art From Others and Some By Me

There are days when I just cannot believe how lucky I was to discover blogging. The people I've met through my blog are some of the nicest people I've ever known (with the exception of my oldest and dearest friend) and they are so generous with their art and their knowledge and just about everything else.

Yesterday my mailbox was stuffed! I'm sure our mailman wonders what the heck has happened around here. Before blogging I seldom got mail of a personal kind unless it was my birthday and then it would only be one or two cards. Now I'm getting packages in the mail quite often.

My first package was from that oldest friend I mentioned earlier, Gail. A couple of weeks ago we had talked on the phone and she wanted info about ATCs. She sent me her first one! Take a look at this....

The words are not clear in the scan due to the buttons but it says "Oh, where Oh where have all the flowers gone?" Isn't that a beautiful ATC?? And it's her first! I love it!! Thanks, Gail!!!

Then I received another first for me! My first ever cloth ATC all the way from Dotee in Australia. She sent me the cloth ATC and a paper ATC. This is the paper one....

and here is the cloth one.....ta....dah!!!!!

The scan of the paper one does not do it justice. It's got lovely bits of silver in the background and the colors are so lovely, delicate and feminine. I love the little bird in its nest that has tiny jewels as eggs! It's truly beautiful. The cloth one is vibrant and colorful and just says "happy" to me. Thank you, Dotee! I love them both.

And last but certainly not least I received a wonderful packet of fabric pieces from Dee. She sent me so many beautiful pieces and this picture doesn't begin to show the colors. I just couldn't seem to get a really good photo this morning. But here they are....

That darker purple in the background is a piece of my stuff I put down as a base for the photo but everything else is from Dee!

Here is a scan of my favorite piece....

I'm not sure what I'll do with this piece but it will have to be something special! I love the fairies scattered about and the art deco look of this fabric. I could just sit and look at it.

So that was my mailbox contents of yesterday! Oh, and a whole bunch of junk mail, too but it doesn't count!

I almost hate to show you what I made because next to all this goodness it sort of pales by comparison. I did do another ATC....

And another 4" X 4".....

The bad news is that today I really slacked off and didn't do any of my routine so far! I woke up very early in the morning (4:00 AM ish) and could not go back to sleep. Nothing was wrong....I felt fine....but my mind was spinning about a hundred miles an hour with all kinds of thoughts and ideas! So I was a bit groggy when I finally got up at 8:15 unheard of time for me!!


  1. What a wonderful package from your blog friend Dee. I really love her ATCs and that piece of fabric with the faries, I agree that is special. Can't wait to see what you will create with it. The last ATC you posted, (nude lady) is my favorite of all!!! I LOVE IT, did you say you wanted to trade???

  2. Oh WOW! Everything is divine. You must be soooo happy with all these goodies. I agree with you that blogging and making art friends is the best.

  3. How special that Gail sent you her very first one!
    It's beautiful as are all the others.
    I also treasure the many friends I've made through blogging!

  4. Janet,

    I love that last one. (The lady with the pink rose)


  5. Isn't it a wonderful world with blogging? I love it. I'm switching (in the process) to a high speed connection so that is really fun.

    I loved your ATC's today. I think you have a unique outlook on them, with so many being very modern. I was also very impressed with the whole cloth ATC. And the cloth you received in the mail. What a find!

  6. Lovely works of art Janet.. :)
    And junk mail is prime stuff for collage and aTC works!!
    So just look at teh post office as delivering things for you to cut and crop!! :)
    Peace, Kai.

  7. Such lovely gifts and that last image you posted is so gorgeous..both the delicate rose and the delicate skin on that perfect body!

  8. Your mailman must need some MOtrin! LOL
    Love the ATC's Janet. In fact, I sent you one too! It was my very first one ever in the world, and you were my inspiration for it and you will see why when you get it. You should recieve it any day now.
    Oh!!! and don't be silly, your art does NOT pale in comparison to anything. I love your ATC's, infact so much that, I bought a book about them, and will be attempting to do more of them. Bee-cause of you sweet!
    OH!!! and Izabella's art is featured in the book. How weird! Yet very cool.

  9. I love Gail's ATC!! And agree with Holly and Susie that it is very special that she sent you her first one.

    So glad you like my ATC's. I loved sending some to you. And wanted to send both a card and fabric one.

    The fabric Dee sent you looks scrumptious. Fabric ATC's are so yummy to make.

    Love your latest 4 x 4 - lovely colors and serene images.

    You are inspiring others to make ATC'S Janet - good on you :)

  10. oh how joyous - the bird and fairy delivery brought you wonderful treasures in the post! ALL of it fantastic...that Dotee has a heart as big as Australia! I love and adore that fairy fabric, I can see why you can't stop looking at it. How great your friend sent you her FIRST ever ATC too! And lastly your art does NOT pale in comparison...I am so loving your vision.
    Blogger friends......a blessing I am grateful for EVERY DAY!

  11. Your pieces are so gorgeous. NO, I don't draw! Those are stamps and cut outs! I wish! If you ever want to trade, email me! ( That would be fun! xoxo

  12. Hmmm, sounds like you just need to learn to burn the "Dawn Oil" as I call it! I regularly get up at 4 instead of trying to get back to sleep for those few hours left of the night. In that time, I quietly sip my tea, read a book, or surf the internet. Quiet things that don't disturb my neighbors! And I get to feel smug that I've gotten so much DONE before anyone else is even out of their jammies!

  13. OMG everything you posted is awesome!!!! How are you saving your atc's? I want to find some archieval quality paper to preserve them....because women in the next centuries will love these too! Even could do your own ATC book!

  14. Weee! Goody goodness! Dont we all have the BEST blogging friends! You are right! I love all of your treasures AND YOUR art! Especially the 4x4!

  15. My favorite is your favorite, although I really, really enjoy working on the 4X4's the best.

  16. Wow. That's all I have to say. Such talent.


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