Monday, January 15, 2007

Busy Day Today....

I have a very busy day today so I have one little ATC for my Simply Create and that's about it. I'll try to post something later but can't promise.


morning pages - check
the 5 rites - check
treadmill - check
weights - not today


  1. Girl! Your ATC's are superwonderful! Both the collage ones and the hand-drawn. I love them and I can't wait to have one! You are good! I can't even say you are getting better and better because you started out best! I can tell you are adicted...heeeheeeheeee :)

  2. It is addicting ..ain;t it! hope you are doing okay!

  3. Wonderful ATC !!!

    I thought of you last night when the news reported THREE DEGREES up there ! good GRIEF !

  4. How amazing. Those lemons could just pop out and squirt you in the eye!

  5. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Wonderful! I love this one! Great use of color! Made my mouth water!
    Beautiful work Janet!


  6. I like all the yellows and the lemon theme...good use of diagonal lines contrasting with the circle (Lemon slice)too!

  7. It appears you have been making these forever, they are so good Janet!
    I love the variety of patterns and designs you have made..they are wonderful.

  8. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Really nice ATC! You were such a trouper and did the treadmill already too! You are a busy lady.

    Take care,

  9. Well I must be in another country but Janet what is an ATC's (sorry I know it sounds a little crazy!)

    I just enjoy very much your artwork and look forward to taking another look each day.


  10. Love the colors on this it looks great on your purple blog!!!

  11. Gorgeous work Janet!! The colors and symetry on this one work very well.

    Go girl :)


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