Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Creating Then and Now....

When I first met HB it was 1990 and he was still working in his trade as an electrician. He has a master's license and usually worked on huge industrial projects. When we were in the Seattle area while he worked at Boeing I was trying to do something creative with all his blue jeans. I'd made purses and things like that in the past so I was looking for something different. Plus most of the jeans had the knees worn out so I wanted to use those somehow.

I finally came up with an idea. I cut the sections from around the holes and used them to decorate a sweatshirt for me! I embroidered it and embellished it as much as I knew how at the time. This is what I came up with....

The picture isn't too clear but the larger circles each have a hole in the middle and I just left them raggedy like they were. I used small pieces of the jeans to cut other circles and added them, too. I only used blues and silver for the embroidery....I don't think the silver shows in the photo but there is just enough to give a little sparkle here and there.

When I wore this shirt people always asked me about it! They usually laughed when I told them what I used to make it....the blown out knees of my hubby's blue jeans! I still keep the shirt even though I haven't worn it in a long time. It's just a nice reminder of something from the past.

While I was blog-visiting last evening I stopped by Tammy's blog. She was doing a free association from this site. I thought it looked like fun so here is mine....

Episode: TV programs; Lost; I need new episodes NOW!!
Source: The source of all life. Connect to source.
Jerk: Jerky! My son makes jerky. I don't eat it.
Introduce: Me to your leader!
Ralph: A grocery store chain here in Southern California
Stare: Into the light.
Cast: Of characters. Castaway.
Scenario: That's a strange scenario (this one was hard to think of anything!)
Flu: Yukky. Don't want it.
Mad: As a hatter. Mad about you.

And since we're having fun I saw this on Deb's blog yesterday and played around with it. I even added my cat's names to see what their titles were! LuLu is now known as Grand Duchess Lulu the Complex of Under Yockenthwaite! And Harley is Marquess Harley the Reticent of Snotting on Wold! Now those sound like some hooty snooty cats!

Here are a few that came up for my name!!
Empress Janet the Extemporaneous of Buzzcock Lepshire
Imperial Majesty Janet the Sage of Pigotts Sty
Milady the Most Honourable Janet the Evanescent of Chipping Sodbury

I decided to try the 4" X 4" squares today. I like them, too. Here are the first two I did....

Second one....


morning pages - check
the five rites - check
treadmill - not today
weights - check (I'm doing three reps of each exercise using 5 lb. weights)


  1. That sweatshirt is such fun. You have such imaginative ideas Janet...
    The 4x4 squares are so colourful, what can't you do..??

  2. Janet,
    I love the shirt. What a fun thing to have and to keep. What a great story.

    I played with that web site too and was Venerable Lady Mary the Unhypenated upon Avon. There have been many times in the past when friends have called me Lady Jersey, and if you are a fan of Regency England...well, Lady Jersey did love her gossip and was a fan of the cut direct!

    In the Ya-Ya sisterhood my name is Empress of the Rising Sun and I like that one much better. ;-)

  3. Very creative decorations on that sweatshirt. Who'd think that blue jean holes would look like that??
    I'm off to do my name game thing!

  4. I LOVE that sweatshirt - what a creative use of worn-out jean knees!
    These latest ATC's make me think of all the cool old Hollywood movies I love.
    Thanks for the link to my 'peculiar aristocratic title!' I always knew I must secretly have one :)
    Her Most Noble Lady Tinker the Sophisticated of Leighton Buzzard - Not!

  5. Janet,

    I love that 'knee hole' shirt!!

    Very cool idea!

    And those latest 'pic-squares ' are fantastic!
    I love them but have no idea about how you do them!


  6. Lost episodes start again on the 21st and then go straight through uninterrupted and all new to May. Can't wait.

  7. Wonderful artwork Janet! Your sweatshirt was very clever. But your 4x4's are fantastic!

  8. I love the shirt,,that is so cool! And your 4 x 4s are excellent. You are doing great on your excercises. I am still chuggin along. I am only doing my weights 2 times a week and treadmill most days. Hope you have a nice evening!

  9. that was a very clever use of the knees from your husbands jeans. Love the 4X4's - you might find you like doing larger collages as you go along.
    As for the names....I am now the proud mamma to Imperial Majesty Daisy the Sanguine of Westessexchestershire. And I am Duchess Lisa the Sanguine of Waterless St Mildred. Peculiar Aristocrats indeed! how fun!

  10. groovie shirt Ms Janet!!!

    Hmm..Sid would be Sir Obsidian of unrepenting darkness upon rising..
    Mid would be sir Midnight of unrelenting cuteness..

    I WANT LOST!!!!!
    PEace, Kai

  11. Janet

    Am so pleased to see you branching out creatively in more ways. 4x4 is a lovely size to work on isn't it? And these are lovely.

    Loved the story of HB's jeans. They look great as circles on your sweatshirt!

    Laughed out loud at the names for your kitties. And your titles are very posh!!

    I came up with the following for my 2 cats:
    Imperial Majesty Ronnie the Nimble of Lower Bumhampton

    Honourable Lady Esmeralda the Precocious of Giggleswick under Table

    From now on I will be known as....ahem...

    Imperial Majesty Dotee the Undulant of Kesslington under Ox!!!!

  12. hi!

    lia (artjunk) told me to check your blog out bec. you've been cranking out the atcs>>>they are great! keep it up!!!

    :) mary ann

  13. You have inspired me to try some 4x4's.

  14. The sweatshirt is great Janet. I love what you did. Back in my hippie days I used to make extra monies decorating peoples Levis. I'd spend days and days embrordering, sewing on applicaies, doing rivets, zippers for no reason, patches, shreading and repairing rough hewn, oh it was so fun. Each pair was a work of art. Loved it. Wonder if any are still around.

    Oh, by the way I posted your ATCs on my blog too. Mutual admiration society. LOL

  15. I visited Seattle a few years ago - loved that area!

  16. I love the jeans idea!! It's so cute! :)

    And I love your unconscious mutterings! I have fun with them. I don't get it done every week, but just about! :)

    And your 4x4's are great!! I've only done a couple in that size, but they are fun!!

    Good stuff!!

  17. Ohhh...some really cool crativity! I like the sweatshirt! And the ATCs!

  18. What a display of creativity! That shirt looks amazing! I would have never thought of that... I'll look at torn jeans in another way from now.;_)


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