Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fabric ATCs

I did some more felt and cloth ATCs Saturday afternoon. Here is the first one....

It's actually a pretty shade of sage green. I put some of that eyelash yarn around the edges. The beads don't show up too good. I used pink, green and turquoise.

And here's the other one I did....

I think the second one is too plain and HB says the first one is too busy! What do you think??

Speaking of HB, we got out Saturday afternoon to buy groceries, came home and within a very short period of time he was not feeling good. Upset tummy, cold and shivering, and just generally sick! I warmed up some soup, made him some hot tea but nothing was helping. He went to bed at 7:30 PM!! I guess he got some flu bug that's going around. Today he isn't doing much better.


  1. I like the first one - it suits my busy self! I
    Hope HB is feeling better
    upset tummy = slippery elm bark powder! wonderful stuff.

  2. Ummmm, that green and pink fabric ATC is sooooo pretty.

  3. They are both very beautiful Janet. I like the first one best, but that is just my personal taste. Hoping HB is not feeling bad too long. I hate being sick. I dont know about slippery elm bark but chicken soup and orange juice, and ginger ale is good. Doesnt cure, but make one feel better! Betcha you already knew that!

  4. Hi Janet,

    I like the first one the colors in that one.



  5. Oh,,I am still hoping you will send me a ATC,,I love the felt ones that you are doing. We have the flu going around here too. Several of our school systems in surrounding counties are closed. Unfortnately mine isn't. Hope HB feels better soon!

  6. I think they are both is fun and fuzzy, the other clean and elegant.. both are gorgeous..
    :) I love warm green fuzzies..
    PEace, Kai.

  7. First I hope HB is feeling better, sometimes unfizzy cola or even heated cola helps an upset tummy, as well as chamomile tea. but I'm sure you have it under control.
    I happen to like both ATC's as they are but the fave would have to be the first one.

  8. Nooooo, they are just perfect!!! You let me know when you're ready to trade. I saved your architecture b&ws! xxoo

  9. It's 9p.m. here and this is the first time I've sat down at the computer today.So sorry to hear HB caught a bug and hope he is better soon. I also like the first one best but I agree with you that there is room on the second one for MORE,but you knew I would say that!

  10. Love the green one Janet..!
    But the pink one is good too. I hope HB is soon feeling better, and that you don't come down with it..!

  11. Hi Jan!
    Love the fiber is right up my alley! :-) Now I'm inspired to try one of those...
    Don't fret about housekeeping, I'm the same way! I'll never is too short to clean all fun...we have to keep having fun as long as we can!
    Hope your hubby feels better, the flu is NO FUN.

  12. I like the second one best but then I tend to go for simple,classic styles. Poor HB, hope he is feeling better, these bugs are miserable. Ginger ale to sip is my standby for upset tummies.

  13. I LoVe the first! Take care of hubby!

  14. I like them both! I had a go at the week end at an ATC card and it was awful so don't expect me to show any pictures!!!

  15. I haven't tried fabric ATCs yet! I love both of these - they are both quite unique!! I like the busy-ness of the first one. I love eyelash yarn!!!

    The second one is simple, but very elegant! I don't think it needs anything added!!

    I hope your HB is feeling better! We've been passing a flu bug around here at work. I had it quite minor thankfully!

  16. Wow! Fabric ATC's.......well this will have to go on my to do list! Totally mesmorised by the whole ATC subject! WOW!

    Hope HB is soon feeling better.

  17. I like the busy one!
    Hope HB is feeling better soon.
    Great ATC's~!

  18. And I had not seen THESE fabric ATC's - really GREAT. They are fun huh ? And ADDICTIVE , no ?


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