Monday, January 08, 2007

A Few More ATCs

Yikes!! What a day! I barely got anything accomplished today. Here are four ATCs I managed to do but the rest of my day was not up to par.


morning pages - check
the 5 rites - check
treadmill - not today
weights - not today


  1. Now these are all 4 excellent. And you have discovered the worth of ATCs - the rest of the day could not compare to the creation of these bits.

    Would you like to swap any 1 of these for 1 of mine. I would be so proud to have one of your early ones Janet. Let me know.

    I am just cruising around from site to site tonight saying hello and relishing the phenomenon that is blogging. We take it up innocently and in it, if we are open to it, find a doorway to true friendships with like people all over the world and in our own home town.

    What I think I’m saying is . . . . . “I’m really glad I met you – even though I have not yet really met you – and may never actually meet you – it is still amazing.”

  2. Janet Janet Janet.
    You accomplished 4 beautiful ATC's.
    You did the 5 Tibetans.
    You breathed.
    Life IS complete my friend.
    The rest can wait.
    Good work, love the fishy one, obviously!!!!

  3. You go Girl..!
    There is no stopping you now...!!
    I love them all..!!!

  4. Janet...I think you are getting hooked on atc's!!!!!! These are lovely!

  5. I LOVE these ATCs.

  6. Wow, you're really getting a lot done! I love the fishie one.

  7. These are all really lovely! Love the lady in pink...

  8. Anonymous2:32 AM

    Oh my, I wish I could say that I accomplished making those lovely ATCs. You should be very proud.

    There is always tomorrow for that other

    Take care,

  9. this is what I plan to start making when I get back from N.C. Yours are wonderful-I paticularly like the one with arabic script on it. Very cool

  10. Janet, I left you a comment on the Create a Connection blog. I am so sorry you got left out! :( Oh, I feel like a huge dumbass right now. Anyway, it worked out perfectly in the end. There was someone else who we weren't able to contact and she left a comment too (Kate). YAY! Let me know if you have any questions and, once again, I'm really sorry that you got left out in the first place.

  11. Janet , Creating those atc's are fun.These 4 about nature are wonderful.I love them.

    My mom and her 3 sisters are all big Elvis fans.I like his music too.He was very goodlooking in his early years , so I can see way he touched so many hearts.

    I missed my nature photo yesterday , so I'm going to take two today.

  12. I love your ATCs!! They are looking good!

    I got your comment on my blog about the mug swap... You should have been included! I saw your comment, I bet Jessie just missed your name!

    I would love to swap with you though - do you want to do it that way?! Or you can email Jessie - the guest host and see if there were any others that didn't get matched up! Email me at tdmimms at - I would love to swap!! :)

  13. are good at this!!!
    These are great!

  14. Janet - you are doing a great job on these ATC's! Love how you are developing your own style. I like all of these but the fishy one's my favorite.

  15. Lovely work! How do I choose a fav..they are all perfect! :)


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