Friday, January 26, 2007

"A Gift of Vision" and Some ATCs

Many of you have asked about a website for Molly's store. She has one now but there are no products listed as yet....this is a WIP but she is working on it!! If you want to take a peek just click here. On the left side is a link to "schedule of events" where she posts information about upcoming events that will be happening at the store. Molly's friend just returned from a trip to India and one of her photos is featured on the main page.

Here is the business card Molly designed for the store....

On another subject, I've been busy recently but I haven't been posting my ATCs so here are a few new ones....

I have more but that's all I'm gonna bore you with today! Most of these were made from an old Flavia calendar I had from 2003! I cut it up to use as the backgrounds for these. I love being able to use something that would normally be considered trash and turn it into something pretty.

Mostly I don't buy a lot of bits and pieces to make the ATCs....I use what I have on hand. The things I like to buy are paints, pens, markers, etc.....things that create color!


morning pages - check
the 5 rites - check
treadmill - check (2 miles)
weights - not today