Friday, January 26, 2007

"A Gift of Vision" and Some ATCs

Many of you have asked about a website for Molly's store. She has one now but there are no products listed as yet....this is a WIP but she is working on it!! If you want to take a peek just click here. On the left side is a link to "schedule of events" where she posts information about upcoming events that will be happening at the store. Molly's friend just returned from a trip to India and one of her photos is featured on the main page.

Here is the business card Molly designed for the store....

On another subject, I've been busy recently but I haven't been posting my ATCs so here are a few new ones....

I have more but that's all I'm gonna bore you with today! Most of these were made from an old Flavia calendar I had from 2003! I cut it up to use as the backgrounds for these. I love being able to use something that would normally be considered trash and turn it into something pretty.

Mostly I don't buy a lot of bits and pieces to make the ATCs....I use what I have on hand. The things I like to buy are paints, pens, markers, etc.....things that create color!


morning pages - check
the 5 rites - check
treadmill - check (2 miles)
weights - not today


  1. Well, Janet,
    Not only are you not wasting anything, but you are back in business and working and doing wonderful work. I like them all.

  2. Wow - your ATCs are beautiful! I really like the composition - they seem to just flow! :) Very cool!!

  3. Amazing work! I really like them all. The color came through so well and the fantasy of the subjects really gets you to favorite is the first one, then the last one, well as I said before, I just liked them all.Now someone needs to come up with an album to hold the ATCs.

  4. Hi Janet! I am laughing over the little elf guy running from the big bird. Very clever!

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  6. Sorry about the deleted comment, I really must spell check ;P
    I checked Molly's site and it all looks very interesting.Lots of different things to see and do.
    I am enjoying the variety of ATC's that you make Janet, they are all inspiring. I couldn't pick a favourite, they are all great.

  7. Love these Janet! I don't know they speak to me a bit more, but I think that's because I tend to gravitate towards fantasy and the mystical. I'm not a modern type girl at all.
    Neat that you can do all types.


  9. I think they are all doesn't matter what you use. I am especially drawn to the last one....maybe we can do a swap for that one...could be what I need to do are a few ATC's to get things going. what do you think?
    I also received the ATC you sent me this afternoon - it's perfectly lovely and the best part is I like both sides. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

  10. Oh anything to buy more pens and glitter..can I be a wonderful ATC artist like you? Please.?
    Those are just lovely... :)
    Peace, Kai.

  11. You create such beautiful art!

  12. Um, I forgot to ask..when you said a Flavia calendar. Do you mean the cruise ship Flavia? The sister ship to the Emerald Seas? Cuz if so, guess what....more syn..crow..nicity!

  13. Oh, Flavia is one of my favorites! I love the courage and simplicity of her drawings. You are putting that calendar to good use! I like what you have done for the ATC's!

  14. I completely forgot to mention Molly's's fantastic and I am so excited she will have a schedule of events. I hope to get down there and a visit to her store is a must - I am really interested in the Shaman coming soon. thanks for sharing this - I wish her much success.

  15. Wonderful use of what you have on hand!
    (and I can't figure out how I've missed so many of your posts - they're just suddenly showing up now! Or am I missing time? Sheesh!)

  16. I am off to check out Molly's website...
    Love the artwork Janet~!!!


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