Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm Just So Normal!!!

My second post for today!!!

Several days ago I was tagged to do "6 Weird Things About Me" and I must apologize to that person because I don't remember who tagged me! I didn't even remember I had been tagged until Kim tagged me for the same one!! So this is for both of you....because it's very difficult to think of 6 weird things about myself 'cause I'm such a normal person!!!! Yeah, and if you believe that I've got a bridge we can talk about!

1. I'm going to steal one of Kim's because I do the same thing. When it comes to food if I like something I can eat it every day for weeks, months even and not get tired of it. But finally after a period of time I will usually switch over to something else. I have been eating oatmeal for my breakfast for a looooong time and only occasionally have a waffle or something else. Same with peanut butter sandwiches for my lunch.

2. I am not a phone person! I have a cell phone and most of the time I forget to turn it on. Or I'll turn it on and forget it's on and the battery will run down. Only when I hear that faint, annoying beeping noise coming from my purse do I remember that I left it on. And when I have to make any kind of important phone call I have to write down what I want to ask or say or whatever because once I get someone on the line my brain goes into LaLa Land and I can't think!

3. Many people think my fear of snakes is weird. I, however, think it's perfectly normal to be reading a magazine, turn a page only to be face to face with some coiled, ready to strike-me-dead snake, scream, throw the magazine across the room and refuse to pick it up until HB (or someone) cuts out the offending picture. Doesn't everyone do that???

4. I was just talking about this one with Dee....I hate to cut into certain fabrics or papers I have. I buy beautiful papers fully intending to use them in art but once I get them home I don't want to cut them. I do the same thing with fabrics. I don't know what I'm saving them for but save them I do. Since I've been doing collage and ATCs I have actually cut into a couple of papers but I still have tons of the stuff that I've kept forever!!

5. I am a very methodical person. I like routines. I like to know the guidelines for things. Except when I create!! Then I like to free-wheel it. I see so many people doing art in "themes" and that just doesn't work for me. I can't create when I have to do something or if I'm required to do something a certain way. I'm very spontaneous when I create and somehow themes just don't seem very spontaneous.

6. Once I set my mind to something I can be very dedicated but if I haven't actually flipped that switch in my head then I'm not. For instance, with my new goals for this year regarding my health....I've known for a long time that I needed to get serious about eating better and exercising but until I was able to flip that switch in my head nothing worked. Now I can be around people eating just about anything and it doesn't bother me....doesn't tempt me at all. HB can sit right beside me and eat a bowl of ice cream and I don't even want any because my mind knows it won't be good for me! Instead I will go to the kitchen and get a piece of fruit or something like that.

Now those are the only six weird things about me! Nope, there are no more! Of course, I wouldn't advise asking HB or Molly or anyone else who knows me....they might have a different story to tell!


I'm still coming back later with some art and the mail from yesterday!!


  1. Comments about number 5 -
    When I first read about "free form" art, I thought I can't do that! It took until sometime last year for me to realize that although I may start out with a plan or design in mind, I always change it as I go along. So yeah, free wheeling it works with art. But like you, I still plan out my daily routine for everything else....lists, lists, lists!

  2. Janet........Yes it all sounds very normal to me! lol lol lol! I just loved the breakfast bit now I know my husband is normal too! he has the same cereal every day and simply could not devert! from it.

    what fun your meme was.

  3. I absolutely agree on having to do art. I do a graph and a picture and pretty much free wheel it from there. So, I know what I'm aiming at, but that doesn't mean I can get there from here and there-in is the fun. How can I do that? I ask myself.

    I learned finally, a couple of years ago, that having the same thing pretty much for breakfast, is a great thing. You don't have to think about it, you don't have to make decisions. You just get up and do it. I have my homemade granola--basically oatmeal and nuts with sugar free stuff--mixed with a 3/4 c. of yougart. Done! Nutrious. Oh, and OJ. A day with out OJ is like a day with out sunshine and all that...

  4. I love your sense of humor when you write Janet! I hate eating the same foods over and over. You are just like my HB...he has eaten the same breakfast EVERY morning for ages...peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and tuna fish with just a hint of mayo...I only make him dinner and that varies every night like it or not! LOL
    I don't like snakes either...when I was five we went to Florida and I was called up front at this snake show. The Host of the show put a snake around my neck! I threw it right down to the ground. I can still see that little tongue coming out ready to touch me. EEKK...give me a white mouse any day!

  5. Janet,

    Funny Stuff - as you know, I work on the phone and radio a lot and love it (connecting with people, sharing the magic of Astrology with them but away from my work, I rarely use my cell phone! I'm with you on that one - I'd not call myself a phone person at all. Most of my work is computer related, when I'm away from it, I have a prepaid phone currently!

    I think I have so much technology during my work time that it's a nice breather. Writing is more soothing to me, after so much brain and mouth work! Really enjoyed your post. Sending a hug your way.

  6. I enjoyed reading about you Janet.
    I can easily get into eating the same thing for weeks. If I like it it doesn't bother me.
    I hate the phone, and for most of my working life I was required to use it constantly..perhaps that;s why.

  7. JANET!!! Thankyou so much for the ATc.. is gorgeous.!!
    but alas, it is in an alternate universe at this moment..
    I will dedicate wednesday, my physic ability, all tea and tarot readings to finding the little darling..
    PEace, Kai.

  8. ...and now I know a bit more about you!
    I also did this wierdo post ..it was fun.

  9. Number one is true of me too Janet. I think it is great that you can eat the same thing over and over again. I love that!
    Phones are the pits. Only use in an emergency!

  10. You sound perfectly normal to me! Except number 5, that's just weird :-)
    - just kidding!
    I love reading your blog, Janet - I always end up smiling when I visit you here - thanks!

  11. Janet - you are as normal as I am :)

  12. Thanks for the tip about Crazy Aunt Purl. Good idea. The little doll you got from Dotee is really cute. What a nice idea. You've been busy my friend!

  13. Thanks for the tip about Crazy Aunt Purl. Good idea. The little doll you got from Dotee is really cute. What a nice idea. You've been busy my friend!

  14. We're all a little weird, huh?! I know I wouldn't have trouble coming up with weirdnesses either!

    I know what you mean about the food thing. I got stuck on red curry noodles for a while. It was all I wanted! Now, I'm over that! I haven't found a new food obsession yet though!

  15. Hmmm...yes, you're so bland! I'm sure they were all expecting to read that you bite the heads off of chickens and your mother named you Saint Gretel Briganza and then shortened it to Janet. REALLY weird stuff! Tee hee!


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