Saturday, January 20, 2007

It Was Fun....

You're all going to be mad at me!! The Grand Opening was a big success and there were many people who stayed for the movie....but I have no photos to show you! I got caught up with talking to people and helping Molly get things set up and the camera was forgotten. I did manage to take a couple of photos of the food but that's it!! Here's Molly getting things ready....

We were still putting things in dishes and platters and pitchers at this point but it gives you an idea of what she had....brie, goat cheese, cream cheese, pita crisps, arugula, tomatoes, huge olives, several kinds of bread, hummus, fresh fruit and much more. There were two kinds of tea and small bottles of water and the store owner from next door (a coffee and pastry shop) brought two huge trays of pastries and muffins.

Molly had a tarot card reader who gave free readings for an hour before the movie. Everyone enjoyed that....and the movie was a big success. Everyone liked it and several people bought copies to take home.

I met a young man who does astrology (he's originally from Newcastle in the UK) and we talked for a bit. He has a blog and a website here....his name is Neil Paris. I think Molly might be having different astrologers come to the shop to do readings for customers. She has a lot of interesting ideas for extra entertainment at the shop. Tomorrow night she will have an evening with Kenny Klein, a man who does fairy lore in British folk music. That sounds like fun!

Anyway, the whole opening was wonderful and I think her store is going to do just great. She's a good business woman and knows what she's doing. I'm very proud of her.

morning pages - check
the 5 rites - check
treadmill - check
weights - not today


  1. I will be her first customer if she opens online! oh how I wish I could visit. But you know, I have been to CA before and if I ever get there again, it will be on my to visit list - after Disneyland of course! It looks super!

  2. I love the camping tale it was so funny. I wish I could have been at Mollie's store it sounds just my sort of place. I see Robyn says above me that if she opens up online she will be her first coustomer, well I will be her second! The buffet looks wonderful, and I would love to know more about the man and the faeries in british music and folklore.

  3. She will do well Janet. It sounds as though she has something to appeal to everyone.
    I must check those links..
    Thanks sharing this..x

  4. Sounds like a good day!

    That link didn't work for me!


  5. Thax for visiting Janet...hope I will see you often. Love your blog as well!!

  6. Oh how wonderful, so exciting and what a beautiful display, so tastefully arranged.


  7. I'm so glad the Grand Opening was a success. Wish I could have been there and would have liked to be at the Kenny Klein thing too - wish Molly well from me.

  8. That's it - I AM coming down there and I have to visit her store. What great things she has planned - if she has a certain itinerary for upcoming events I'd love to know about them. I wish I could be there for the British faery lore. We must arrange to meet, have lunch, get acquainted and spend time in her store!!
    Congratulations to Molly!!

  9. HI Janet! Awesome news about Molly's store! I know it will do well!!!
    I also know that you are already an artist! So your dreams have already come true!

  10. It sounds like my kind of store and a wonderful time! I wish I could've been there! :-)

  11. Janet,

    It was great meeting you at the opening! Great company, amazing food and the Secret was superb!

    Just what we need - a great space to gather and share more insight and magic. I look forward to sharing my own work with everyone and seeing what others are working on too - and I'll be checking back in with your blog to see all the new creations. Breathe of fresh air!

    Great stuff - here's to the journey in 2007.



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