Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's Getting Scary!!

Today HB and I will be gone most of the day. We are attending a memorial service for a relative....not actually a blood relative but a person in our extended family.
So we will be going down to the L.A. area.

I got up early today to do all my morning things and I even have an ATC that I did after my morning pages. I have a bunch of cards cut and sitting on my worktable and I just picked one up and started messing around. I hope this isn't an indication of how my day is going to go....

I just seem to be doing these ATCs every time I sit down at the worktable! I can't stop! Is there a chapter of "ATC Makers Anonymous" - ATCMA anywhere near me?? I think I need to attend a meeting! These little things are totally and completely addictive. Now everytime I look at something in a book or magazine I'm immediately thinking of ways I could use it to make a card. I have an almost endless supply of books to use for this kind of art and I'm looking at each one with new eyes!

I've always been bad about not being able to throw things away, especially books or magazines, so now I'll probably end up being one of those crazy old women who lives in a house surrounded by stacks and stacks of old newspapers and magazines with 50 cats in the house!! You know the ones. I'll begin keeping everything just in case I can use it in a collage or an ATC. Then I'll start raiding people's garbage to get their throw-aways and before you know it I'll be a full-fledged nutcase! Help!! I need a 12-step program to end this addiction before I'm over the edge!

Just kidding....but I am doing these every chance I get. Please tell me the "new" will wear off and I will get back to other things.


morning pages - check
the 5 rites - check
treadmill - not today
weights - check


  1. I really like her, this would make a great stained glass piece. Did you do all of the drawing? Hope your day ends on a higher note, make another ATC, it'll relax you, oh my, did that sound like, have another drink, only kidding.

  2. I've not heard of a 12-step goup for ATC addicition or the keeping everything either. Good luck on that. I heard they had snow west of LA. Hope you are safe driving to and fro.

  3. I used to be a member of a yahoo group called ATC addicts Janet! And we encouraged the

    Like you I keep all sorts of things now to use on my ATC's. Have even been known to use stickers from fruit!

    I think it's great how you have embraced these. You have a good eye for color and composition.

  4. If you have to have a habit, there are worse ones..and we are here to enable you in this one..!

  5. ATC's are addictive, and I haven't even done one yet. I am addicted to the thought of them, I too have ideas floating around my brain for different ones.
    I looked at the clearance table of children's books, and there were some for dirt cheap, $2.00! That could be cut up and used, but I have a basement full of old womens magazines from the 70's that could be used first.
    I hope all goes well at the memorial service, those things are never easy.
    Some days are just bad hair days, you are right!

  6. is there a saying that goes like this:

    she with the most ATC's wins? - I am sure there is! you could be in the running to win :)
    just have fun, don't worry about it :0

    I am the same with altered art books - heck, I even have a swap coming up ! plus one for glitter and a white swap - see, I have a problem with many things hee hee!

  7. You have articulated the dark side of all this collage art! Sometimes we just have to come up for air and throw something out....but I have been known to suddenly have a great idea for using whatever I have just tossed and go digging through the trash just for that one image!

  8. There are certainly worse things to be addicted to. I am addicted to art supplies and that presents a problem where space is concerned. You can graduate to different sizes, I prefer 4X4 or larger collages. Mix it up, do some with fabric and stitch through it many variations I'm a afraid you are in for it my dear...BUT it's fun! My problem is the lack of actual images that you seem to have an abundance of. Go girl go!
    ok, stupid question here...what are your "pages" and "5 rites"? I think I missed something.

  9. Anonymous11:36 PM

    It is these kind of little addictions are what keep me going. My husband is constantly laughing at me because mine seem to change every so often. He never knows what I will be up to artistically or out on the hunt for collecting.

    See...I think I need a home with a rubber


  10. Oh Janet, we did warn you!!! But they are great for using up all those little pieces - they are.

    If you would like to swap just leave a message on my blog. We could do a 1-4-1, or 3-4-3, whatever.


  11. Nothing wrong with an old lady with stacks of magazines and well let's limit it at 7 cats...just because.
    Oh that green eyed lady does look fierce! great work as always. :)NG

  12. I've been addicted for a while now - it is a stretch for me to take time to do something larger these days!!

    Great one! I like your bad hair day lady!

  13. Don't feel bad....I have to go to Art Supply Rehab (addicted to buying Art Supplies)...they'll take me kicking and screaming into that place

  14. This is a wonderful new outlet for you Janet, please dont stop..they are lovely to look at and your art is too groovy for you to deny us it's existance!!
    ATC is an addiction.. but it's a good one and cheaper the therapy!! lol
    Peace, Kai.

  15. It does look like fun doing those! Hope your day goes okay all considering it isn`t a nice reason to have to go.


  16. Just say YES !
    (your new bumper sticker)

  17. ps, So sorry to hear of your loss.

  18. Hang on a minute Janet, you are also describing the crazy old lady I will be, and of course the cats will pee on newspapers and magazines but I will use them because I will have lost my sense of smell, oh and like another crazy old lady I will be wearing purple and a red hat and spitting whilst sitting in the gutter.


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