Friday, January 19, 2007

It's the Grand Opening....

Today is the Grand Opening of Molly's shop....Darshana Bookstore. I'm going down to help her and then later this evening she will be showing "The Secret"....she has been swamped with people wanting to see this movie so she's most likely going to show it again at a later date.

I have had a couple of unproductive days in the studio so maybe this little outing will get my brain going again. I haven't just been sitting here....I just don't have anything completed! I've made some backgrounds, cut a lot of ATCs and 4" X 4" squares, and just generally puttered in the studio but no great visions of anything! I found some cool vintage pictures a few days ago so I might be using a couple of those. Right now I'm just in that blah stage where nothing seems to work, nothing seems to look good no matter what I do, and everything seems to need just one more thing....that I don't have!

Here's my workspace....this should give you an idea of what's going on....

Enough of my sad tale! I've been doing lots of affirmations in the hope that my brain hears them and sets them in action! And I'm still keeping up with the Simple Abundance book. Every day it seems there's something in that book that just jumps out at me that I hadn't seen before....and this is the third time I'm reading it!

I have to get myself ready for the day so wish us luck on the Grand Opening. And if anyone is reading this from the Burbank area, stop by the store. It's located at 1725 W. Verdugo Avenue.


Since I never made it back yesterday with my stats here they are along with the ones for today....rather pathetic stats, I might say!

morning pages - check
the five rites - check
treadmill - not today
weights - not today

morning pages - not today (this is the first day I've missed these!)
the five rites - check
treadmill -
weights -
(I'm leaving these blank because if I have time I'll squeeze one of them in, if not I'll 'fess up tomorrow!)


  1. Good luck to Molly and her grand opening, I know it's going to be a smashing success. I WILL be go there the next time we are in SoCal...we will have to arrange to meet there. I need to email and thank her for her help too. This is really so exciting...she's following her bliss!

  2. I can relate to your workspace photo Janet but at least you can see some part of the bench.
    I hope you had a productive day out shopping

  3. I hope Molly's store opening was a great success..!
    It looked I'm sure it will be.
    Pictures of the event later...?
    Please !

  4. Best wishes to Molly on the grand opening!

  5. The pictures you posted a few days ago look like it will be a great success. Enjoy the time with your daughter!

  6. Hmmm, Janet, I'm great at organizing other people's stuff. Should I come for a visit. Your work space looks like it could maybe use a little help. Sometimes my bead table get that way as well as the dinning room table.

    Oh, I just did the flower thing and I'm a daffodil

  7. oh how I wish I could be at the grand opening! it sounds like MY kind of bookstore!
    I am glad that you & I are travelling the Simple Abundance journey together this year, we can keep each other on course. I plan on posting once a week about that week and how I went.
    oh ~ and did you want a teeny tiny shell from my seaside jaunt? I wasn't sure..there are plenty & I am packaging them up this weekend, just let me know :) xo

  8. Oh I hope Molly's store has a great grand openning. So nice for her to have Mom there to help.
    Hey,,I think that is my work table you have on your blog. I am so like that too Janet,,I sit and fumble and then I just give up and come back to it later,,you just have to do that sometimes. Can't wait to hear about your day!

  9. Hope you are taking some pictures for us. I know what you mean about nothing coming together for you, I've been in the same mode the past few days. How exciting for Molly, praying for a BIG SUCCESS !

  10. Good luck to Molly and her opening!
    Loved snooping at your desk!:)NG

  11. Wishing Molly a HUGE success!!!

  12. How fun to own a bookstore! Good luck to Molly! Wish I lived closer so I could visit often!
    Nothing like a bookstore on a
    snowy day! :-)

  13. Janet, Thats to silly. I looked at your desk and it could be an overhead veiw of mine.. I can totally relate. (i spent half hour getting a project off the desk, I'd stuck it

    Sometimes art flows like silken honey and sometimes it's gets stuck everywhere.. It will come to you when you're ready..In the mean time, help Molly, enjoy the time..De stress..
    ATC's will always be there when you want to create :) and your's are wonderful!!

    Sucess n hugs to Molly on her store opening!!
    PEace, Kai.

  14. Bravo to Molly for her opening night. Wishing her much success.
    I can tell she already knows the secret.

  15. Am sure the grand opening for Molly's special shop will be fantstic Janet. It sounds like the perfect place to relax and be inspired at the same time!
    Am sure your creative mojo will return.

    Your creative space looks a lot like mine does at the moment!

  16. Simple Abundance is great!
    I wish I could visit Molly's store~
    my first born was nearly called Molly.
    Love it!

  17. How fun! I always enjoy everyones workspace!


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