Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's the Little Things That Count

As you may know, I'm re-reading Simple Abundance this year. I've read it several times but each time I seem to get something new out of it. I have given this book as a gift several times. This morning something in the book struck a chord with me.

"What is missing from many of our lives is a true sense that we are enjoying the lives we are living. It is difficult to experience moments of happiness if we are not aware of what it is we genuinely love. We must learn to savor small, authentic moments that bring us contentment."

That really got me to thinking. What is it that I truly enjoy? What gives me the most pleasure in my day?

One of the first things that came to mind was my bowl of steel cut oats each morning! I know....that's kind of dull to some of you but I actually LOVE that bowl of good stuff and look forward to it. That nutty taste just appeals to me. I came very close to using that as my photo for "sustenance" the other day!

The next thing that I thought of was comments on my blog! I don't say it often enough....I appreciate and look forward to each and every comment I receive. They truly do make my day. There's nothing better than opening my email to find lots and lots of comments. It's definitely a bright spot in my day. I hope I get around to all your blogs and leave comments, too. If I have missed anyone it is purely by accident. Many times I get to a blog, read it and then get pulled away from the computer for some reason and never get back to comment.

Next I would have to say I enjoy books. Big surprise there, huh!! I do love them. I think there's nothing better than a new book to read or one that gives me inspiration or one that has beautiful pictures to enjoy. I like the feel of a book in my hands....the way the pages are crisp and clean, or maybe they're old and thin and a bit brittle. When I open a book it's like being invited into someone's life or their studio or maybe going on vacation with them. Books do take me to other worlds.

Those are some of the things that just popped into my head when I read that passage this morning. What things give you little pleasures?


  1. Well, after reading this blog post - comment I must - what kind of person would I be to read and not now that I know what it means to you! LOL And may I add that your blog is a delightful place to visit - even if I don't comment every time. I sometimes wish I could remember how I found my way here (cyber world is soooo big and then there's CRS LOL), but am glad I did. Happy Day! xo

  2. I have started re-reading Simple Abundance this year too!
    (My copy is decorated with little stickers and small magazine clippings that I found that first year I read it....I guess I really need to add the visual.)
    I love oatmeal too...I use the thick rolled oats and cook them with milled flax seed, walnuts, quinoa, when I have it, and add dried cranberries. It makes me feel good all day!
    It will be fun knowing that you are reading Simple Abundance too!

  3. Hi Janet,

    For me, one of the things I love the most are sensual things. Like the feel of clean sheets, a soft kitty, a clean dog snuggled next to you, calm when you wake in the morning, smells of many kinds. Then since I'm getting much better, breathing has always topped my list. I love being able to breathe easily and I love the tang of humans and rotting garbage and oil that overlays a city, or the fresh country smells in the Midwest (Great Plains type of Midwest!), things baking or just cooking, flowers. I love sunrises and sunsets--although I tend to be impatient with sunsets--and going to the Daily Kitten after reading blogs. I love being alone and I love being with friends. Most of all, I love right now.

  4. I loved that book too and may try to reread it soon..
    I count my blessings in simple everyday things (as you probably know)
    A few Daily ones: a kiss and hug from sweet grandchildren, warm flannel sheets on a cold night, a hot cup of tea,& the sound of my hubby breathing next to me as he sleeps.
    I also love visiting blogs and being in touch with blogging friends and reading my comments too!

  5. I reread Simple Abundance last year, probably for the 5th time. I find I have forgotten things, or redicover things each time, and always come away with something new from it. Th equote is good. I have looked back at times past and realised I had so much to be happy about and yet at the time I wasn't.
    I find I am generally happier as I ger older, though I 'have my moments'LOL
    I get pleasure from books, my garden, a crisp sunny day, a day spent out of my usual feels like playing hooky..! Usually it's the simple things that give me pleasure.

  6. You know Janet, I think I feel the same about how good it makes you feel when someone comments at your blog. That makes me feel good too. That and I also get pleasure when I do art. Great post!

  7. There are so many things that I enjoy it might be easier to list the things I do not. I find great pleasure going out on my front porch real early in the morning before it is daylight and spending time thanking God for all of my blessings, to many to list. Every day started this way almost always ends up being a GOOD DAY.

  8. Scrabble used to be on my list of favorite things, now it’s blogging! The whole blogging community intrigues me. I am always interested in something new, and find myself in a labyrinth on the information highway. I adore intimate conversations with people I love. Books and words amaze me, yet I find myself reading more blogs than books as of late. Art and color makes me so happy. I treasure my alone time, with no phones ringing, pure tranquility! I have too many interests to mention! This post was inspiring and thought provoking! Thank you Janet!

    Peace and giggles Sherrie

  9. My guilty pleasure is that I love the house all to myself. The slience and ability to sit and think in the complete stillness. There's guilt because I really love the sound of my family coming home as well. It's a little like I can't wait for them to go off to work and then I can't wait for them to come home-the in between is golden.

  10. I have a great capacity for taking delight in small things, and I hope life never gets too busy or serious or stressful for me to lose it. I can almost get high on nice colour combinations (go check out Shirley Goodwin's latest quilts!), a fresh flower, a whiff of rain after a dry spell, wind in my hair, a glimpse of the sea each day as its mood changes, the delighted greeting I get from my grandson when he sees me.....what could be more special?

  11. I too have read Simple Abundance several times and I think it is time again! Thanks for the reminder.I find it really helps me balance my life and right now it is overwhelming caring for an aging parent with Dimentia.hugs NG

  12. I am re-reading simple abundance also! something stirs my soul in that book - I want to find my authentic self, it must be here somewhere :)


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