Saturday, January 13, 2007

I've Been Busy in the Studio Again

Are you tired of my ATCs yet?? I seem to be stuck in this medium right now so if you get sick of seeing these just let me know. I'm sure I'll get tired of doing nothing but these very soon but for now I'm still having fun with them.

First one of the day....Maryellen, look closely at the background!

Then I did this one....

I love the background on this next one. It's a scrap of wallpaper I had kept from someplace....

And the next one just doesn't do a thing for me! I couldn't seem to get anything to work even though I like the background picture. The lemons were just an after thought and don't do much. Maybe I'll wprk on this one later and find something that works with it....

Last one....this is mostly metallic paints so it doesn't scan very good....

That's all for today.


morning pages - check
the 5 rites - check
treadmill -
weights -
I left both of these blank because I may still get time to do one of them today!!


  1. Janet, All of your ATC'S are great.Looks like you're having a lot of fun creating them.
    I visited your flicker page the day before you posted about Buck , the portrait of him is wonderful. Over the last 5 years or so , I've thought that I would enjoy living like that. But I don't think my husband would. It would be so peaceful.Your grandchildren are beautiful.

  2. Ah, Janet, I never get tired of looking at your imaginative work. I may even get back to work myself soon. I notice the exercise is left to last. Sounds like me. LOL

  3. These are beautiful..(again) Janet..I would find it hard to choose a favourite.

  4. I never get tired of seeing someones art....ever.....don't stop!

  5. I love seeing all your art work. Each one is full of imagination and talent.

  6. I love the first two - they are all good but the first two I love specially - Janet - you are talented !

  7. Just been catching up with your blog at last, yes I have had lots of trouble recently getting onto some blogs, yours Peas and a couple of others, blogger keeps telling me I am forbidden!
    Never mind here I am, I love hearing about your son buck, what a wonderful lifestyle he has chosen, are his children grown up now and do they still life the lifestyle or have they turned to a different life?
    I really love your art work, you are doing so well in the amount you are doing, don't think you are not.

  8. These are lovely. Don't worry about the previous question, I went online and got all the answers I needed, am busy with my first batch of ATCs now, but being oils they take time to build up the layers and dry, I'll post some pics when they are done. thanks for the inspiration to try it!

  9. Oh, this is Great Fun! I've been out of it for so long, so I had a lot of catching up to do on your blog. All your ATC's remind me of when I exchanged postcards with other rubber stampers/paper artists. I would LOVE to send you one, where do I mail it? Your blog is a plethora of creative expression and I love looking at your work!!!!

  10. Ms. Janet...they are wonderful!!!!
    Keep it up you are inspiring me!!!!

  11. He hee....I am laughing Janet as I had a feeling you would get the ATC bug! These are all fabulous and I love watching your style develope more each day.

    Would be hard pressed to pick a favorite!!

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