Sunday, January 07, 2007

I've Taken the Plunge!

Ok....I'm a little slow sometimes. I have to get comfortable with something before I leap in. Today I decided it was time to do some ATC's. Mostly because I just received my third ATC. This cute little chickadee flew into my mailbox yesterday all the way from Sioux in TX!!

Thank you so much, Sioux. I love it. It's already found a home in my studio.

After all this I decided to get busy and try some of these. I spent the afternoon in the studio and I came up with six ATCs. A couple of them I still have to add something but here they are so far....

Now tell me the I on the right track or not? I don't know how clear these will show up. The one on the top right has a face but I used metallic paint and it doesn't seem to show very good on the scan.


I forgot to put my progress on this morning so here it is now:

morning pages - check
the 5 rites - check
treadmill - not today
weights - check (I did two reps of each)


  1. Janet, never having seen one, that I know of, at first hand, I would say these are lovely. Your signature colour stands out, and I like the subject matter.
    I'd say you 'done good'.
    They show up clearly, and the one with metallic paint does too.
    Good stuff..!!

  2. Janet I too have never seen an atc in person...the size scares me. They are the color of my kitchen and family room. So that’s a plus, and I love the face. I think they're pretty, but you'd have to ask the experts, like, Kai, Mary Ellen, and some of the glitter power sisters on Violettes blog!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I like the ATC's, the colours are gorgeous!!
    Well done on a week of treadmilling and weight'll be in a bikini in no time.. :)..and shaming us couch potatoes to move about more..
    LAFF@Sherrie calling me an **expert*
    Im lucky if I can break into the glue bottle!!

    **Save the Glitter, save the world!!
    ..FYI, did you read, Lily's house burnt down IRL, in Kailua, where I used to live..She's ok..LOST must go on!!!
    Peace, Kai

  4. Jan,
    We are on the same is so funny we both mentioned ATC's today! You have gotten a lot farther than I have! I never did get started on anything today, other than going to Barnes & Nobles with my son. We had a great time though, so it was still a productive day.
    Oh, also yesterday I was JUST thinking that I should read my Simple Abundance book...I've had it for years and have yet to read it from cover to cover. I told myself I'd save it for just the right time in my life. Maybe I just haven't quite gotten to that time whenever it may be! Something to look forward to...enjoy!

  5. Ok..coughs and puts on her **Expert** voice..
    The important critique!!
    I like the presentation of the cards. The continuity of the colour flow is in keeping with the similarity of the set.
    The subject matter is presented in a clean and simple fashion, making the ATC's an enjoyable item to view without fussiness or compromising the value and texture of the pieces.
    Janet's imaginative whims are captured perfectly in these delicate, salient works of art..
    I feel the Artist has a good grasp of the premisis of producing ATC's and I'm sure as her prowness with these grows and she becomes more comfortable with the product, I just have to state that I see an Art show in her future!!

    Well, dahlings that's my unbais Glitter Goddess opinion!!
    The condensed version?
    Two words..They rock :)
    Peace, Kai

  6. Anonymous6:49 PM

    I personaly think they are great. I don't think there is a right or wrong way just your way and style. So follow your heart while making them. Love Hugs and Blessings

  7. These are wonderful Janet!

    You have done such a good job for your first batch of ATC's.

    I love how you have used your favorite color too. The Fornasetti face stamp looks great on them (I have that same stamp).

    Love Kai's ' critique'of them (very funy Kai!) and agree with everything she wrote.

    There is no right or wrong way to create ATC's. Just follow your intuition. You are definitely on the right track.

    I figure if you are having fun while making them you cannot go wrong.

    I started making ATC's last March and love trading them with people. They are quite addictive once you start making them!

    Thanks for sharing your art with us.

  8. P.S Forgot to say I love Sioux's ATC too!

  9. Oooh... Janet... beware... these little ATC's can become very, very addicting. I've always created art, ever since I was a little girl. But a couple years ago I discovered ATC's! I went crazy and ended up hosting several swaps on my own and joined close to a hundred over the course of a year! I have a lovely collection of hundreds and hundreds of them, each one is so special. You're going to love this!

    I have since stopped the swapping as I like try different things and am really enjoying working in collaboration with other artists to do chunky books, round robin books and personal swaps. All sooo much fun and thank goodness for the Internet, without it, none of this would be as much fun or as possible.

  10. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Next thing you know I'll be asking you to do a 3 for 3 swap. Tee hee. Maryellen

  11. These are fantastic!! You will soon join the ranks of the addicted!

    I really like that you can use the same colour in so many different ways.

    Art Cheer,

  12. WOW! They're great!

    Guess what Janet , those were my 1st mixed media atc's also.I think we are on the same wavelength.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  13. Your ATCs are great, Janet! I have alittle collection of them, and used to sell some of my own on eBay at one point. If you want some inspiration, just check out ATCs/ACEOs on eBay or Etsy, you'll be there for days! ;) It's a very popular way to spread the Art cheer, and I hope you get lots of fun out of it.
    Love your previous posts about your Mum & the little things.. thought-provoking and very interesting, thank you!

  14. Please put me out of my ignorant misery..... I keep reading about them, but WHAT IS AN ATC??? I can see it is some sort of handmade card, but how do you define them and what do you do with them? Is there a set size? They look like fun.

  15. Love your art work! Reading about all your checks I am inspired to get the dust off my treadmill and get going..perhaps that's the balance I am missing excercise.Thankyou Janet

  16. You are absolutely on the right track... great,very nice. Also Souix's chickadee is darling.

  17. I really enjoy your blog Janet and also your creative renderings. You did a great job on the atc's! I would guess from my reading that an atc is an artist trading card? Are there any requirements such as size, media, etc? Is it just a small way to share one's personal creative spirit? I am rather new to creative blogs but finding them great for getting ideas and just feeding my own creative spirit. I look forward to reading your blog in particular each day. Thank you. Lois

  18. I love your ATCs! It's my favorite size to work in - quick finish usually!!

    These look fantastic - I wish there was a way to get metallics to show up better though! :)

    Nice job!!

  19. These are wonderful!! Wow. A natural! We should do a swap!


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