Monday, January 29, 2007

Just Playing Around

Well, I didn't do any new techniques today! I cleaned up some of the messes in my studio and decided to finish a couple of ATCs. I had drawn these out a couple of weeks ago but didn't paint them. I found them buried under a pile of stuff on the work table so decided to finish them up.

Here is the first one....

And here is another one....

For some reason her face color doesn't show on this one and the background is actually a bluish-green color and it doesn't show either. My scanner must not like color!


  1. Oh Janet,

    The one with the teardrop is sooooooooo sad.
    And I saw some blueish green color on the background but not the face.

  2. I love the eyes. You get such feeling in them..
    BTW I hope you are calling yourself an artist finally...!!!

  3. Fun ATC's - and yes I did see some bluish green on the side of the background. I'm still trying to figure out the why's and wherefore's of scanners - why the tiniest speck of dust will show up as a giant SPOT, whereas whole areas of colorful paint will just disappear. Go figure.

  4. Janet well done!
    I like them both, but the first one has a really neat perspective.

  5. This medium really has given you a chance to shine. I love the work you're doing and you really follow through by doing something everyday. That's what artists do.

  6. Amazing what we can come across when we clean up! Gosh these girls bring back memories of when we did this as teenagers, however I must say you have advanced to a real art form.

  7. Sometimes it is really hard to get the softer colors!

    It can be maddening !

    I tried using a darker ground to help the paler shades show up...well it is hard to get still !

    But they are wonderful pieces ! Why a tear ?
    I hope you are well.

    I wanted to tell you - The Holy Land blog...remember when I had posted about it ?
    And you mentioned that your husband had looked at the very same piece of property ? I have been meaning to get over here and tell you to go look at her blog now ! it will give you and your husband a bit of a chuckle.

    Love, s.

  8. Janet, I love the fabric cards. BTW, you say your work areas are clutered and messy, but they look pretty organized and neat to me!

  9. I've been having problems leaving comments on some blogs today.
    anyway, these drawings are great. I agree with Sheila...I hope you're calling yourself an artist!!

  10. "you are tagged" for 6 weird things about yourself ;)

  11. "you are tagged" for 6 weird things about yourself ;)

  12. Anonymous12:03 AM

    They are both really cool. You did a wonderful job.

    Have a nice day,

  13. The one with the teardrop is so moving Janet. And even more so in it's simplicity. Beautiful work!


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