Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Last Saturday in Burbank

Last Saturday HB and I went down to Burbank to visit with my cousin and her husband, and we stopped by to see Molly in her new shop....Darshana. I took quite a few photos in the shop and I thought I'd share them with you today.

This is the view as you walk in the door....that's Molly behind the counter talking with HB....

This next one is the back left corner. She has a little fountain and a couple of chairs where customers can sit and browse through books....and that just happens to be HB again. He's browsing. He found a book and a cd that he bought!

This mannequin is wearing one of the hats I crocheted....a couple more are on the little table.

This last one is the left center of the store....

Molly has lots of rugs on the floor, some are left from her furniture inventory and are for sale but the furry, tiger-stripe rug in this photo is not for sale. She really likes this one. There are several little cozy reading areas, and music in the background and the whole place smells so good because of all the candles and incense. I almost is one quick shot of some of the candles....

There are lots more books to put out and new ones coming in all the time. Molly has both used and new books, cd's, some clothing....there were some really cool light weight jackets but I didn't get a good photo of them....candles, crystals, gem stones, and just all kinds of interesting things. I could spend a lot of time in that store! Plus Molly is getting some things organized where people will be doing classes, talks, etc. She will kick things off by showing "The Secret" as part of her Grand Opening program.

After our stop at the store, HB and I headed over to my cousin's place. We had a nice time with everyone there and ended up going out for dinner with the whole family including my 83 year old uncle. I was a very good gal when we out to eat. I had a plain baked potato and a side of veggies. It was the company that I enjoyed. The food was secondary for me.


Yesterday HB and I got out to run some errands and look where we ended up! First here.....

And then here....

And here's part of what I bought....

I just can't resist books and magazines! The novel by Anne Rivers Siddons is an easy read but I like her books. I also got the latest Cloth Paper Scissors and the Shambahala Sun and some pretty travel/stamp stickers. I was looking for some small canvas panels but I got in Joann's and completely forgot what I was there for and ended up buying other things!! The canvas panels will have to wait for another day.

morning pages - check
5 rites - check
treadmill - not today
weights - check


  1. Okay...I could sit in that book store all day! It looks so cozy and comfy! I went to Sac. yesterday to find Cloth paper Scissors at Borders...they didn't have it! Grrrrr! I have such a time trying to find my favorite mags! Excellent finds!

  2. Nice looking store.

    If I ever go to Burbank, that's where I want to go.

  3. Wow - this looks like a fantastic store!! I want to go! :)

  4. Molly's store looks so very warm and welcoming! Glad you had a wonderful family dinner. You're right in saying food is secondary when family is together..

  5. Oh good. You got CPS. Be sure to discover page 14 and Corey Amaro's essay on Passion. Sublime.

  6. It looks like Molly has found the perfect thing for her. I have a basket chair almost like the one she has hanging...great photos,don't you just love going into the fabric stores?

  7. MY kind of store! oh how I wish I could visit - I would be there for hours.

  8. I could spend hours in that store Janet! Your cousin has it looking so inviting and comfortable. It is just my sort of place. Comfy and cosy. With lots of books :)

    Glad you had such a good day.

    The latest ClothPaperScissors is a beauty. I received my subscription copy in the mail last night and had a good look through last night. It is one of the best magazines I have bought.

    Am sure you will enjoy reading this issue.

    Have added your blog to my favorites and will visit often.

    Thanks for popping by to say hi to me!

  9. Mollys store looks like somewhere i could happily get lost in for an afternoon.
    Sounds like the shopping was fun too..

  10. Janet I love Molly’s store, it’s pretty much the only type of store I like to spend time in nowadays!. .Sometimes an art store too. .Not the shopper I used to be. Love metaphysical book stores, the ambience, and all the funky goodies in them….I have so many tarot cards now, given to me as gifts and ones my daughter bought. Wonderful that’s she is opening with a showing of “the secret”, great marketing strategy….good karma too. The link to the movie on my blog is gone, but I will request it for mother’s day or my birthday. For now I’m satisfied having seen it twice! I have enough information to put it into play!

    Question, will Molly sell any of her things online?

    Love the colors and rugs in her cozy store too! You must be so proud!

    Peace and love to you!

  11. what a wonderful feel the store brings to your photos I am sure molly is very! very! busy. I love the way the books and bric a brac work in with each other.

    You must be very proud.


  12. Oh My, Molly's shop looks like my kind of place! I hope it's a great success and that she will go from strength to strength. I wouldn't mind running her UK branch! :)
    I'd love to browse through your bookshelves, too! Love the goodies you bought :)


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