Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Little more For Today....

I decided to make up for no post yesterday and do two today!! Actually I forgot to put some things in my first one that I meant to do so you get double duty today.

First off, I received a beautiful postcard from Karla. It's just the most gorgeous piece of art....she said it's all done with stamps. They're very artsy stamps!!

The scan just doesn't do it justice! Thank you so much, Karla!!

Last year I mentioned about the project to knit scarves for veterans and that I was knitting one to send. I forgot to photograph it when I finished but I just got a certificate in the mail to thank me and to acknowledge it had been received. Here it is....

I thought that was very nice of them to take the time to do that. HB thinks I should frame it and put it on the wall in my studio!

And last, I saw this on someone's blog....forgive me because I forgot to make a note of whose blog it was! But I took the test and here's my results....

What city do you belong in??

You Belong in Rome

You're a big city girl with a small town heart
Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome
Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand
And gorgeous Italian men - could life get any better?

Who'da thunk!! Me in Rome. Now that's all for today. I'm off to find me some of those handsome Italian men!!! Oops....HB said I can't do that!


  1. You say Rome? I can be packed in 30 minutes....
    And I agree with HB you should frame and hang the appriciation, I received an employee of the year award one year from the Salvation Army. It's nice to be appriciated.

  2. Just me again, I did the "what city I belong in" well guess what I'm suppose to be in Rome also, so when are we packing?

  3. OH heck. Pooh on HB. Let's go to Rome together and kick up our heels. LOL

  4. I think that cert. should be on your wall too Janet.
    Evidently I belong in Paris..?
    The postcard done with stamps is lovely...what talented people there are out there..!

  5. Hi Janet....Very nice postcard.The
    Certificate of appreciation...well it's great they recognized all of your work!!!When you're in Rome wave to those Italians for me!!!!

  6. Oh Via l'italia!! Im all ready, have passport, dont need to be in the UK until march.. roma? Venice again.. festivale perhaps?
    Do I hear ROADTRIP??
    PEace, Kai.

    ps..congraddies on your award.. :)

  7. That really was nice for them to send you that certificate, you definitely should frame it.
    I did that test just now - it says I should live in Paris - ooohlala!!
    Italian men? pack those bags. lol!


  8. Oh yeah, frame it. It was a very nice thoughtful thing you did. Be proud. And yeah, pooh on HB. He has no sense of humor, right? What's wrong with a little Italian guide to show us around. I did say US! I AM going too, right? RIGHT JANET?!!!

  9. Anonymous5:10 AM

    We can all meet up for lunch in Rome! That was fun.

    Really nice certificate. It is nice to be appreciated once in a while.

    Take care,

  10. BH (before hubby) I dated an Italian hunk. Very sexy man and a fighter pilot - great combination hehe Thanks for the memory (wink)

  11. I'm Rome too! How nice that you rec'd a certificate from the WWII museum. Very nice keepsake..

  12. It's really nice to get a note like that from the vets. I've donated to many things and don't need to be validated but it feels really good when someone says thanks. I like your little card. it's unique...like you!

  13. Karla's card is wonderful , love those images and she composed them and colored them so well.

    Your certificate is GREAT ! that was exciting to get and I smiled at the thought of you getting recognition this way. DEFINITELY it goes on the wall in your studio ! and bravo to you for your work !

    Guess what ? I belong in Rome too !

    That was fun, thanks for the link.

    I guess there will be quite a party in ROME !
    (sorry Sheila ! But we will want to hear all about Paris !)

  14. Tell HB, when in Rome do as the Romans do :) Oh, wait, their husbands probably don't want them to do that there either...
    Thanks for the fun link - I belong in Paris! Always wished I might :)
    What a nice certificate, and a beautiful postcard. Glad your mailbox has been full of abundance.
    I've just gotten caught up on your posts while I was gone - glad the opening was such a success, wish I'd had the address with me while we were down that way. Oh well, next time! (Is it actually in Burbank?)

  15. Yes, Tinker, it is in Burbank. The address for Darshana Bookstore is 1725 W Verdugo.

  16. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Hi Janet!
    Well...I can't do the "What City do you belong in." Because it is for girls only! :-(
    But I tell you what, I sure would like to see Rome! :-)

    Have Beautiful Day!

  17. I took the test, sometimes it was hard to choose, and I'd say surely this answer won't mean Rome...but I'm supposed to go to Rome too...!
    So far my results on these tests are the smae as yours...
    So anyway, I just entered a sweepstakes to win a trip to Rome!

  18. Hi Janet,

    Well, I ended up in Rome too. I can't believe it as I'm the most unsentimental person I know.

    That was a beautiful card from Karla! Is blogland great!

  19. For you Janet I would have thought Venice!!! I don't know why...
    Rome is good too though!

  20. Dawling, I belong in gay Paris! Ooohlala. Some hard questions though, don't you think? I had a hard time deciding between a few!!

  21. I would pack my bags and come to Rome in a jiffy with you Janet! I am Paris apparently but we could stop off there on the way back!

    Well done on the certificate. A lovely form of recognition.

    Karla's post card is stunning. Such lovely images and colors.

    Am really loving your blog Ms. Janet!!


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