Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yes, I was "Missing in Blogland" yesterday! No post. Nothing. Nada. I had one of those "Mondays" where I just didn't feel like doing much. I puttered around the house and spent quite a bit of time in the studio. I think I'm just having a few days of "what the heck can I write about??" When I'm not sitting at the computer I think of all kinds of topics I want to write about but let me sit down here (in front of the blank page) and I'm off to La-La Land!

I did hear that yesterday was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year!! Whew! I'm glad we got it out of the way early on and can now be assured of happiness for the rest of the year. I don't need no stinkin' depression holding me back!

My creativity has returned once again and I have been making more....what else....ATCs!! I'll share a couple of them with you and see what you think. I decided to try some doodles the other evening. I like this one in person but don't think it translates very well with the scanned image....

I just did it with Sharpies. I did some others but haven't put any color on them yet. I also drew some ladies faces but I screwed up the first one on her eyes....

I just ended up filling them in with black and leaving it. I'll have to do better on the others. I think I have four or five more faces to color. Also this one has a pale green background that doesn't show.....and some of the lines on her nose are very light in the scan.

I've been playing with fabric, too but don't have anything to show you as yet. I have several things I'm working on and hope to have at least one of them ready for tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my Simple Abundance Sunday. I'm glad so many of you are deciding to read this book, either for the first time or for another time. I appreciate all your comments and thoughts about it and look forward to exchanging more as the year goes along.

I'm trying to find more old photos to put on here but just haven't located the ones I'm looking for....I have photos in all kinds of places. Gail keeps telling me to make scrapbooks for them but I'm just not a scrapbook kinda gal! I am buying boxes and trying to sort them out somehow. I'm putting very old photos in one box, my kids in another, me in another (there are soooo many baby photos of me you wouldn't believe!) I'm just making an attempt to organize them into some kind of useable way.

So that's about all I have for today. Pretty boring stuff. But I am keeping up with all my routines even yesterday!


morning pages - check
the five rites - check
treadmill -
weights - check


  1. I was missing too - dealing with a migraine!

    I LOVE your Sharpie art! Sharpies are my favorite medium for ATCs!! :) These look great!! :)

  2. Sometimes on the ordinary "boring" days, we just have to accept that and be grateful, as you have!
    I usually don't write much on my posts...as I am more visual (and this also saves me from having to "bore" my readers?) I even quit painting for many years because it seemed I had nothing exotic or important to paint. Then I cam to appreciate the beauty of the ordinary!
    I just read (on Flickr) a quote from Georgia O'Keefe..."I hate flowers. I paint flowers because they are cheaper than a model and they don't move." So Georgia struggled with finding the hidden beauty in the ordinary too!

  3. So that's what yesterday was about..! Thank goodness it's over..! I thought it was just me lately..!
    These ATC's are different for you, but show us your drawing skills again. I rather like the lady, her eyes are dark liquid pools that lead ..where..?
    There is always a meaning if you take the time to look for it.

  4. I'd say you are addicted to atc's Janet!!!! Once you get going it's hard to stop!!! I'm glad yesterday is over with also...no room for depression here! :-)

  5. I agree, Janet, I'm not a scrapbooking kind of girl either, and just use the photo boxes.

    I'm loving your first ATC though. That may not have come off well on computer, but I really liked it.

    Why was yesterday the most down day of the year?

  6. I've known you how many years? Well boring is NOT in your makeup.And it's a good thing we all do not like the same thing, now that would be boring.

  7. I've been trying to do some reorganzing too. I so not a scrapbook kind either.
    Love the sharpie art!

  8. The sharpie atc's are great!!! I love them!
    Sometimes it is hard to post each day...life gets in the way!!
    I like to play catchup too.
    Keep on ATC-in!

  9. Love your latest ATC's Janet! You are a very good illustrator. Love the one of the ladie's face.


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