Monday, January 08, 2007

My First Love....

Ok, here's all the juicy details! I fell in love, I think it was about 1956....I was at my friend Gail's house. We turned on the TV to watch The Tommy Dorsey Show (I think that was it. You must remember this was a couple of years ago!!) and there HE was in all his handsome, bad boy, hip swiveling yummy-ness with that little sideways smile and the lock of hair that kept falling into his eyes. I was a goner!

I watched every TV program where he appeared including the ridiculous Ed Sullivan Show where they only filmed him from the waist up!! Silly people. I had a vivid imagination and they couldn't stop me from thinking!!

Today would have been Elvis Presley's 72nd birthday. Yes, he was my first love. I really, seriously thought I would grow up and marry him. The only thing keeping us apart was the mere fact that we hadn't met yet. But the minute he saw me he would fall madly in love with me and we would live happily ever after.

The only problem was....he never met me!! Where I grew up, we didn't have too many big name entertainers flocking to give concerts in the middle of some soybean or corn field! So sadly I never actually saw my love in person. I did however buy every magazine that his photo appeared in, and to my dad's dismay I pinned them on my bedroom wall. The wall next to my bed was a solid wall of pictures of Elvis. I had it bad!!

Then I was really in heaven when he began to make movies. Gail and I stood in line, in the cold, for what seemed like hours to see "Love Me Tender"....and once we got in for the first movie of the day, we stayed to watch it several more times!! You could get away with that back in those days!

I followed his every move throughout his career. I bought each and every record (yes, boys and girls....that's what music came on back in prehistoric times!) he made....had a full collection. Don't even ask me where they are today!! No, this is one time I don't still have them tucked away in some closet. I don't have even one! Long story for another day!!

When he did the comeback TV program in 1968 I told everyone I knew "don't bother to call me during the time the show is on because I won't answer the phone!!" Guess who called me???....yep, my best friend Gail! But she called during a commercial and she was just joking with me. She traveled this road with me and new my complete and utter devotion to my love!

So today I will reminise about lost loves and never getting to see him in person. I'll probably even listen to a few of his songs. But since his death I have not purchased one single thing that has anything to do with Elvis. I won't participate in someone making money from him after he's dead. Call me crazy, call me weird, but that's the way I feel about it.

Stay tuned to this channel! I'll be back later today with my Simply Create offering and the details of my daily checklist!


  1. Hi Janet,
    I just came from visiting Pea's Corner and you should see all her Elvis Stuff. She's a huge Elvis fan!
    Nothing like first love is there??
    I remember when he was on the Ed Sullivan show and what a controversy that was!

  2. The first Elvis movie I saw was Jailhouse Rock, with my friend Maggie. They wouldn't let us in as we were underage, so we asked a young girl and her boyfriend to take us in and gave them our money. When we were inside the theatre, he told us to get lost..I think he felt we were going to sit with him and his girl and cramp his style..LOL
    We were smitten and sat through it twice..!

  3. I love this post about your first love Elvis!!

    I am too young to have been in on the craze about Elvis, but I'm a fan. My dad was a country music entertainer, so I knew all the songs by Elvis of course! (was he country?! probably not, but Daddy likes him anyway!)

  4. Janet, I do so admire your Simply Create project, I know it must be very difficult to find the time to think of something then actually make it. I stand in awe that you are tackling this.
    I may pinch that fill in the blanks meme you have on your earlier posting.

  5. Janet, interestingly, in about 1955 when I was living in Stephenville, Texas, as a young teenage, a fellow came to town to sing. No one had heard of him, so we sat in my Grannie's yard across the street from the recreation hall where he played and listened. His name was Elvis!

  6. I posted a comment on Pea's blog about this man.
    Me. The King.
    A dream.
    I have loved him ever since!

  7. Oh, my, Janet! You really DID have it bad for Elvis!
    Oh-I did too- but-truth be told-about that time I fell in love -for real- with my first boyfriend!!:)

    I simply LOVED Elvis' early songs...Jailhouse Rock-Love Me Tender- Don't Be Cruel- OHHHH-And 'Heartbreak Hotel!' Now I'm gonna have to dig out my old LPs and see what I can find!!


  8. I loved reading your love story about Elvis. Mine was so similar with "David Essex". I was so in love - used to dream that he would see me and fall madly in love with me too. I had a poster of him on the ceiling above my bed so I could lay there and look at his beautiful blue eyes. So funny thinking back now......

  9. Hi Janet, I have seen you often on my friend's blog Pear Tree Cottage, and today I decided to visit. Well, what a thing to find on my first visit - another Elvis fan! I chuckled all the way through your post...I was going to marry him too - if ever he came to Australia and found me - LOL! Love the pics you posted...I must admit I preferred his fifties look to the seventies look, although when I saw him in San Francisco in 1976 he looked soooooooooooooooo gorgeous - couldn't have been any handsomer in his youth! If you want to see a couple of the photos I took at that concert, they are on my blog "Patra's Other Place", but a fair way back. I'd love to chat and reminisce with you about the King, so if you want, just leave a post on my blog.
    Gina in Oz.

  10. You need to come and see his house in Memphis,,its so cool! And his caddie is here in Nashville in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

  11. Janet... Ive still got it bad! there is no one else who has ever come close!

  12. oh, yeah, Janet!

    the minute Elvis would have seen me, he would have fallen in love with ME, ME ME


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