Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Mail Day

As promised, here I am again!! Yesterday was a good mail day. First (and these are not in the any kind of order) I received some pens I ordered and I've been having fun with them. You'll be seeing some of the experiments in the upcoming days.

Then I received an envelope stuffed with papers from Maryellen and a beautiful postcard.....

We have been sharing some of our supplies. As she said, when you buy something you usually get much more than you will ever use so why not share with someone else and then everyone gets to have lots of different things to work with. Thanks, Maryellen!

Then I received my first ever art doll from Dotee!! I was so excited when I got the package and here she is....

The picture does not do her justice! She's so perfectly purple! With all those cute little flowers on her tummy and that little bird that is just so sweet she is adorable....and that bigger bottom bead is actually a little bell that tinkles when she moves! I am naming her Miss Petunia. That name has special meaning for me so that's what she will be called. Thank you, Dotee. I will treasure her always and she will hang in my studio to inspire me.

And if that isn't enough!!....Dotee also enclosed two ATCs!

I had admired the one with the quote ("it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are") when I saw it on her blog so she sent it to me along with the birdie one. The birds each have a word on them.... art, soul, vision, and create and then "thoughts" is at the bottom. Love them both! Thank you, again Dotee.

Whew! Three posts in one day! Ok, I think that's it for today!!


morning pages - check
the 5 rites - check
treadmill - not today
weights - check


  1. Wow ! You did recieve some great mail.The doll is really cute !

  2. Hi Janet

    Love the papers your friend Mary ellen sent to you! My friend Jacky and I always share our paper (and other) stashes. Always plenty to go around.

    So pleased you like Miss Petunia and the ATC's. I do love making things for you as you are so appreciative!


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