Monday, January 01, 2007

OK....Here We Go!!!

And we're off!! Hopefully to a great start for 2007. Hb is making black-eyed peas with ham, cole slaw, and corn bread for his traditional New Year's Day dinner....while I will most likely have some tofu and veggies. We spent last night quietly as we usually do. In our younger days we both worked in the restaurant business and we both experienced New Year's Eve from that side of things. Believe me, it wasn't always pretty! Here's one of my experiences....

I was working as a bartender at a nice dinner house in my hometown. I had only been there for a few months (and this was my first ever job as a bartender!) when it was the holiday season. We began taking reservations for New Year's Eve and quickly it was a full list. The owners of the restaurant were fairly new to this location but they had experience. The night of New Year's Eve rolled around and I went to work late in the afternoon to help get things ready. We started getting people arriving early evening and before too long the bar area was jam packed. People who work in this business usually refer to New Year's Eve as Amateur Night because it brings out people who seldom drink during the rest of the year but for some reason they think they have to drink like crazy on that particular night! And they usually tend to order fancy drinks not just a martini or a scotch and soda.

I had a couple of helpers that night but we were busy....all the blenders were usually going at once and it was loud and happy. Then one of the owners came through, called me off to the side and said that dinners were going to be a little late getting served because one of the ovens had mysteriously stopped working. I was told to try to keep people happy at the bar.

I laughed and talked with the customers, served a few drinks on the house, and had things pretty much under control when once again the owner pulled me off to the side. Another oven had gone down! Now all they had was one small oven/broiler and the place was packed with hungry people!

Once again, I tried to keep everyone happy in the bar so no one would notice how long it was taking for food to be served and the tables to clear for the next bunch. To make a long story short, practically everything in the kitchen quit working that night! The owners thought it must be some kind of sabotage from one of their competitors but nothing was ever proved. We had lots of very "happy" people in the bar and I worried about how they were getting home! That was one of the last times I ever worked on New Year's Eve....and also it gave me a good, clear picture of what people look like when they drink too much! It isn't nearly as entertaining as it is from the drinker's point of view!!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy night and that none of you woke up with a really bad hangover! HB and I stayed in, watched a little tv, had a little midnight smooch and called it a night. We are big party animals!

This morning I woke bright and early, hopped out of bed, headed to my studio and did my morning pages. Then the 5 rites, breakfast, the Rose Parade and my first little project of the year. Later I will do some weights instead of the treadmill. I plan to alternate between the two.

I think I'm going to call my once a day art Simply Create. Because that's what I plan to do....simply create something each day. It may be a drawing/painting or something I craft or maybe even something I sew....gasp!! Yes, I do have a machine. It isn't fancy or a big name but it's my little Singer.

So here is what I made today....

The colors aren't showing very good....I used a piece of wallpaper that has very Monet-like pastel colors of lavender, pink, green etc. This is a little purse notebook. I was inspired by this article in the winter edition of Cloth Paper Scissors by Debbi Crane....

I may not make the same thing every day but I will create something each day.


  1. Janet, What a great way to start the New Year. I'm not one to do things like that, but I'm always encouraged by people who do it. You go girl!

    Isn't it just amazing how entertaining drunks think they are? That must have been one long New Year's Eve!

  2. Thanks for sharing that - no, we never are quite as witty as we think we are when we're drinking...Glad the crowd didn't turn on you or the owners! That could have gone much worse it sounds like!
    Wishing you a happy New Year - and I love your plan to Simply Create something each day - the little pouch is so cute (and I can see there is a pastel pattern on it).

  3. Hi Jan,
    We had a quiet New Year's Eve too. I love those kind the best. Not a party animal here...funny because my parents both are party people...or were in their younger days.

    I loved your little purse and your new creating resolution. I just bought a purse book recently..can't wait to try a few out. Will share with you when I do!

  4. I saw this project too Janet. Your's has turned out really well.
    BTW...can I come for dinner ? ;)

  5. that's a totally groovie way to start a new year..
    pictures, creating and fun!!
    Happy 2007 Janet!,

    peace, Kai.

  6. OMG, for the first time in many years, we forgot the black eye peas, I hope that does not bode badly for my year~!

  7. Congratulations on making art!
    Just enjoy it when you do and aim for doing it often! (like I need to tell you that!)
    Your New Year's Eve story was an interesting look at things from the other side of the room (bar)!

  8. You know thats what I plan on doing every day. I am going to "create" something every day. Yesterday I was really lazy and just read a new book I bought, but I did make a pretty beaded bracelet. Our News Eve was very mellow too. Love the litte purse journal,,I Love that magazine.


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