Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Patsy Cline Weekend....

HB and I used to camp quite a bit back in the 90's. We had all kinds of camping equipment and most weekends we were camping. One thing I can say about camping with HB is, he was prepared for anything. Sometimes people would laugh at us because the first thing HB did when we got to a campsite was to hang a tarp in the trees overhead where the tent would be. I forgot to mention that most of our camping was done in Washington....where it rains a fair amount!

One Memorial Day weekend camping trip is forever know as The Camping Trip From Hell!! HB's work sponsored a huge three-day event with camping, music, deep-fried turkey and all sorts of other entertainment. This was up in Washington, and we arrived very fact we were one of the first ones there so we had our pick of campsites. HB chose one that was up on a little rise and he immediately began to hang the tarp high up in the trees. This time he had a pretty big tarp and a couple of guys helped him string it up. They were wondering why he wanted a tarp overhead and he explained that the weather forecast had said rain was possible.

We set up our tent and HB built a fire and gathered extra wood and put it under cover. Then he fixed a small tarp at an angle to give the fire some protection from the wind. By the time other people started arriving we had a nice, cozy campsite set up and were cooking something to eat.

Most of the people who showed up were not experienced campers as we soon found out. They were setting their tents with the doorway opening facing up the slope! We knew what would happen but no one wanted any help or advice. In the middle of the night we woke up to lots of loud noise, people yelling and running around, and the pitter pat of rain on the tarp. Yep, it was raining. It was raining hard enough that it was running down the slope right into the tents that set up facing the wrong way!

By morning there were several cars loaded up and pulling out because everything was soaked. We had a nice, dry campsite and all at once we became the most popular place to visit! We had a fire going and everyone tried to huddle under our tarp and stay dry and warm. We tried to accomodate as best we could and even loaned a small tarp to one of the couples next to us. Before the day was out our campsite was known as Hotel Casablanca....someone just started calling it that and it stuck.

Well, by that second night some people had been drinking a bit since there wasn't much else going on....most of the activities were cancelled due to the weather. The rain continued all day and into the second evening. There was one tent not too far from us with two older men....part of the drinking crowd. They were really feeling no pain by nightfall!

We went to bed and once again were awakened by something....this time it was a tape player and the tape that was playing was "Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits." Now I like Patsy Cline ok but I sure don't want to listen to her over and over and over again at high volume in the middle of the night! It went on and on. People began yelling at the guys and being drunk as they were, they began cussing at everyone. I never knew there were so many ways to use that "F" word!!

The next morning everyone was in a bad mood because of the weather and the fact no one had gotten any sleep. The drunk guys were sleeping like logs! Finally they got up and started stirring around. Their tent was not too far away and the couple with our borrowed tarp was next to us and between us and the guys. The woman was not amused with all that had gone on and just as the drunk guy came around to the back of his tent....I actually think he was going to pee behind the tent!!....the woman next to us went around back of her tent to let the water out of the tarp where it had bellied. Just as she pushed the tarp up from underneath and the water began to flow out of the tarp, the drunk guy bent over and the entire tarp-full of water went right down his back!!

We were all watching, and the woman was not aware the drunk was outside his tent when she emptied the was like watching something in slow motion, knowing what was coming but unable to do anything to stop it. The guy yelled, the woman jumped and turned around and you could see the horror on her face but it quickly turned to something else. Maybe, just maybe a little bit of joy!!

HB and I still laugh about that camping trip and every time we hear Patsy Cline it reminds us of that three-day weekend with almost non-stop songs by her! I think we made believers out of some of the other campers, too. Even after the whole weekend when it rained every day and every night we still had a fairly dry campsite thanks to that huge tarp overhead. And we did continue to camp just about every weekend!

***These photos are from the internet. I wish I had a photo of the guys face when the water hit him but sadly I don't!!

I will return later today with some artwork and my stats for the day. See ya then...


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  1. Loved this post. Sounds like your husband was quite the seasoned camper!
    It would have been great to have captured the look on his face, wouldn't it??

  2. That's a pretty darn hilarious story! I just 'fell to pieces' laughing! So what techniques have you done from the ATC book! I just did the gesso over a magazine face! FUN!!! I reallt lovre this book! I bought some Nevr-dull too and it is awesome!

  3. I took the flower test and put it in my post...I mentioned getting it from you. I am looking forward to reading the ATC book, too.

  4. My idea of camping is overnight at the Comfort Inn.....I guess if you had to do it HB would definitly be the guy to have along. Was he a boy scout?

  5. This was a hillarious story...I am laughing so hard! It brings back memories of our {{not so pleasant}} camping experiences when younger with children. I do ~love Patsy~ so perhaps that I would NOT have minded...the rain well I would have been one of those..would be campers heading out pronto!!

  6. I read this while working at Blue's earlier, and so couldn't comment. I laughed so hard. I would have been one of those with the tent facing the wrong way...
    Patsy would have saved the weekend for me though..that and seeing that guy get his unexpected shower. Great story Janet..!!

  7. This is a hilarious story. I've camped nearly all my life - and weather, especially rain, can and has put a real damper on things. Of course we didn't have the tarp (what a wise man your hub is). I can't imagine not howling with laughter when the drunk got drenched. Lol! Someone should have turned Patsy back on singing "Crazy", ha!
    I love your stories!

  8. Where is your camera when you need it? That's one of those things you always wish you'd caught, but never do. Good story though

  9. Oh, my goodness! That's a funny story! :)


  10. Anonymous8:22 AM

    That is a really good story!! I think I will leave the camping and just join you for a

    Take care,

  11. All I can say amongst the laughter is "You just had to be there "
    and I wish that I had been also.

  12. I love reading your stories Janet! And laughed loud at the images hat came ot my mind.

    I am not much of a camper but admire people who are!!


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