Saturday, January 27, 2007

Peacock Feathers and a Berry Zinger!!

Today I may be posting more than once! I have things kind of stock-piled that I want to do here and not enough time to do them. First today I want to show you some goodies that came in yesterday's mail.

I recently did a swap with Judie and I got the ATCs....

Aren't they pretty?? I love all the vibrant colors and the peacock feather in the background on the one. Thanks, Judie!

Then I also got my mug from the mug swap at Creat a Connection. Kate and I were paired up since there was a mix-up when the swaps were assigned. She sent me a gorgeous mug....take a look....

I just love the handle and the edge around the top....very swirly! And she included some yummy herbal teas. In fact I'm sitting here this morning with my mug of Berry Zinger and it's delicious....Thank you, Kate!!

Just so no one thinks this is a bad placement for my's only here for photographing purposes and has been returned to the little table beside my desk area.

Isn't that little table a mess?? I have so much stuff crammed on there!


  1. what fabulous ATC's Judie made...these swaps are really going full tilt - love it!
    That mug is great - forgive my ignorance but what is "Create a Connection"?

  2. It is beautiful!! It looks like the kind of mug that feels good to hold in your hand. ;)

  3. The mug is the same color as the green in my kitchen, and it looks like it was made for tea. Judie sure made some pretty ATCs,love the little bird on the hibiscus, and peacocks are probably my favorite bird. Great swaps!

  4. It's gorgeous! It's very soothing I bet. I love the colour and the texture is very unique. Wonderful.

  5. Janet - so much eye candy in this post! Judie's ATC's are lovely. Love them both but the one on the left is my fave.

    The mug from Kate is beatiful. Gorgeous color and it looks like a great size. It is lovely to see where you type your blog!!

  6. Beautiful ATCs and mug, Janet - and that table looks much more organized than what I'm looking at on this side of the screen :)

  7. Love that mug, Janet! So glad it all worked out so nicely... Your side table is positively immaculate compared to mine, too! ;)
    Great ATCs, too. Mine is winging its way to you today...
    Suze xXx

  8. Beautiful! I love how your mug just fits right into your surroundings. It feels like it's a part of this home!

    And what a lovely little table full of pretties. I think it looks amazingly ordered and beautiful in its abundance. Did you see the snoop day exercise I did for Try Day? This little table is a perfect candidate.

  9. I'm not a crafter... too much anyway... so what is an ATC?


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