Thursday, January 11, 2007

Quit'cher bitchin'

I'm having one of those days again!! I've done nothing but meet myself coming and going. Yesterday I didn't get much accomplished and today was even worse. I know you all don't want to hear that but that's the way it is.

I had fully intended to do something else for my blog today but then life got in the way. Once I leave the house for anything the day is shot. And today I had to get out. I haven't even created anything today!! I'm already falling behind on my goals and the month of January isn't even over! It isn't for lack of interest though! It's for lack of time!

Yesterday I even forgot to post my daily statistics so I'll do that at the end of this post along with today's info. I promise to do something more interesting than gripe and complain for tomorrow! I think I might do another little story about Buck and his lifestyle. I'll work on it tonight so it will be ready! I can't imagine how behind I would be if I still had kids at home! It's just me and HB and I don't know where the time goes.

I'll be back later this evening with some more ATC's for my daily stuff.


Yesterday morning pages - check
The 5 rites - check
treadmill - not today
weights - not today

Today morning pages - check
The 5 rites - check
treadmill - 1.5 miles
weights - not today


  1. Aloha Ms Janet..
    It's only one day..and everyone is allowed one.. Maybe you should make a ~~Get out of doing anything I want ATC!!! ~~ like a monopoly jail card.
    That way when life catches up with you, simply post it and carry on with a free
    Love to ya..PEace, Kai.

    10days to HEROES!!

  2. You are doing so well with your daily routines. So what you missed doing something.
    LIfe gets in the way of life.
    I love that you make yourself accountable for your day...progress happens that way!

  3. Oh Janet, it takes me twice as long to do half as is starting to get to me..!
    I feel like I'm moving in slo-mo.
    Look at what you are getting done..I think you do a heck of a lot..!

  4. Since we retired my husband and I often say to each other we don't know how we ever had the time to work! Our days are full from 6am to 11pm!
    Sometimes it seems as if there is just no time to catch our breath!

  5. Janet - advice from a wise woman (not me) - don't be so hard on yourself :) xoxo
    Kai's advice is good - make yourself an ATC that resembles a get out of jail free card - so if you miss a day, you can get that out and that can be your ATC for that day

  6. I'm convinced that time is going faster these days! I agree with Blue, sometimes life just gets in the way, you have to go with the flow and eventually things even out.

  7. Ahhh, Such is life for us mere humans. Try,try as we may but failure is a big part of success. When it seems that "our plan" falls apart I think that is when the "attitude of gratitude" keeps us going.

  8. I believe it's not so much life as goals that get in our way. They are great, but not when they become weapons for self-inflicting wounds. Besides, sometimes we just need to take a "do-nothing" day, a quiet time of regeneration... I do.


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