Sunday, January 21, 2007

Simple Abundance Sunday

As you may know I've started re-reading "Simple Abundance" this year. I have read it a couple of times and enjoyed it each time. I usually skip a year or two between readings because by that time I need to be reminded of the message again.

This week there were several things that made me stop and think. One was to explore ways to see your world differently. That one is tough for me at times. I tend to get into ruts and I don't always stop and notice what is going on around me. I caught myself doing that at Molly's opening the other night. But I noticed and changed my behavior.

Another message was to "declare out loud to the Universe that you are willing to let go of struggle and eager to learn through joy." Another tough one for me but I'm working on it. I am doing affirmations each morning and then I repeat them at random times throughout my day. I know they have worked in the past and have brought wonderful changes to my life. I don't believe we were put here to suffer. That makes no sense to me. So I'm going to try to learn my lessons through joy.

Then there was "The Acre of Diamonds" message. If you want to know more about this famous speech you can find information here. What Sarah Ban Breathnach asks is "if you could do anything in the world what would it be?" We all have that thing that we think is just impossible but we also have a place to begin. We can achieve all that we want if we just believe in ourselves. We have everything we's inside each one of us. We only have to discover our own "acre of diamonds." My acre of diamonds is to be thought of as an artist. That is what I'm working towards.

The last one was about letting go of preconceived ideas. When we always expect the worse to happen then that's exactly what does happen! The Universe gives us what we expect. So I'm going to expect great things....happy things, wonderful things. I will not dwell on the sad, or the ugly, or the negative because I don't want to draw those things into my life. No matter how bad things get I can always put a smile on my face and change the way I look at things. I can't change anyone else but I can change my own reaction to them. I can make choices....they can either be good or they can be bad....I choose to make good ones.

So that is what I thought about for this week. I hope if anyone else is reading this book that they might also post their thoughts about it. I have stated before that I am not a religious person in any way but I do consider myself a spiritual person. And I think this book addresses that in a very understandable manner.

morning pages - check
the five rites - check
treadmill - not today
weights - check


  1. These are good things to think about and remember. Good for you Janet that you are willing to be willing to be called an artist. It is a big hurdle and for me it was the most difficult and the rest were easier. Good fortune.

  2. I like that - "I am not a religious person in any way but I do consider myself a spiritual person" :)
    Janet, I bought myself a pack of Louise Hays affirmation cards - the wisdom set - I use them daily! to notice your behaviour and change it is wonderful, I have been doing that too - rushing up the road in a hurry, then realized and changed.
    I like this post & I am so glad that you and I are travelling this simple abundance path together this year. It is all good! xo

  3. Hi Ace of Diamonds! You want "to be thought of as an artist?" What does that mean? I'm pretty sure that we, your blog pals, think of you as an artist. I do. But would Andy Goldsworthy or Lynne Perrella think of you as one? Maybe. Actually I think they would. But really, what we or they think is not relevant.

    Here's my take on this... it all boils down to thinking of yourself as an artist. And that further boils down to your expectations and the old lessons you learned about what makes an artist. Try baby steps. Just for now, try saying this: "Today I made an ATC, therefore I made art, therefore I am an artist... today."

  4. It took me a long time to admit to myself that I was an artist. People used to tell me I was...but I'd say "Oh no...not good enough"...Love SBB and Simple Abundance...such a beautiful book. So glad Mollies opening night was a success!!!

  5. I loved this post today. Positive thinking can have such a powerful impact on our lives. I keep thinking I also need to re read Simple Abundance...

  6. I have to agree, I am spiritual but not religious. I have Simple Abundance and something more by SBB. I like the whole premisis of reexploring every few years, as we all grow and change.
    I think that if you believe in yourself, you are capable of becoming whomever you need to be, and do whatever you wish..
    PEace and blessings to you, Kai.

    PS..I know,I know, but it's tommorrow!!!

  7. I loved this post and it is my goal this year to acknowledge that I am an artist and to try very hard to bring in the light again of many things. I can most certainly agree with your statement about not being religious but a spiritual person. I have a LOT to learn and now that life has a "new normal" I have to make MY life have abundance in other areas.

  8. This book is great for making us reach into ourselves and find what has always been there, and identify it. I reread it last year and saw *me* through different eyes, because my life had changed, and in two years it will be different again. We are always growing and changing.
    BTW, YOU ~ Miss Janet~ are an artiste..!!

  9. I think to stay fresh and alive we must always be changing, to not change means we will become stagnet
    Our life is a canvas and what we do with it becomes the art so in a sense we are all artist, so lets paint something beautiful for those around us to enjoy.

  10. I agree with what Gail wrote. I think we are all artists too, in our own unique ways. Now that said, Ohhhh if I could ONLY paint like Monet!

    I love this post Jan. Another book I love that touches on this very same thing, is by Shakti Gawain. I bought her book CREATIVE VISUALIZATION years ago in my twenties. I still have it, and just recently started reading it again. Be sure to check it out! I think you'd like it a lot. :-)

  11. I didn't realise you where 'into' astrology! My hubby does it and has done for well over 30 yrs! Fascinating though!

  12. Oh Janet, what an inspirational start to the day, and what a lovely sounding book! Now, the fact I have just told the world that I will be collecting Gary Barlow's autobiography from the library van makes me feel very I will now look for a meditation book as well! Thanks dear!
    Love Dxx

  13. I like the sound of the book, Janet, and admire you for your positive outlook. You are indeed an artist, and I'm sure you will begin to believe that before too long! You have so much to give and we are all keen to hear what you have to say, too. Always inspiring :)
    I'm so glad that Molly's opening went well - I have to find the film, 'The Secret' and find out more.. I've seen it mentioned just about everywhere now, but haven't found it yet...should be a treat when I do!
    I dabble in Astrology, too, and used to compile birth charts for friends & relatives - I've always found it fascinating, like your blog! :)
    Have a great day, and thanks for all the inspiration.

  14. I have that book! I forgot about it! I will pull it out today! I really like it! THat's where I first learned of Julia Cameron and The Artist's Way! Thanks!

  15. Hello artist!
    You are an artist. (I've been seeing your work posted on several blogs which I is lovely and inpiring!)
    My paintings hang in galleries here and some have sold. Still, it is the rare artist who can make a living doing this. In our society, unless we are celebrated by the media as being an "Artist", we aren't sure if we should call ourselves that.
    (Is it some kind of caution or modesty, feeling as if it is bragging to call ourselves artists...h-m-m-m?)
    I'm reading my Simple Abundance again...the first time I read it was 10 years ago. I enjoy reading your posts re: what Sarah BB has written for the day. I'll try to post about that sometime too!

  16. I enjoyed this post very much. I'm not religious either, but I am spiritual, always looking to grow and expand my spirituality and my awareness of what is around me.

    I was also reminded of this quote that I wrote down and have at hand to remind me (it was a line from Star Trek: Enterprise, of all things): "Never stop seeking what seems unattainable."

  17. I too have admiration for the writing
    in Simple Abundance and have read it several times and you have encouraged me to open the pages again. ~Ace of diamonds.. mine was the courage to begin posting and share with all.. my personal feelings about my world with my photos and prose.Once you begin as you very well there's a huge commitement.~Letting go of a struggle~ resinates deeply with me.. taking care of a mother with Dimentia and ~NOT~
    allowing this horrible journey to destroy my joys in life.Yup it is time to ~open the pages~ once again.Thank you Janet for this reminder.hugs


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