Friday, January 12, 2007

Simply Create 01/12/2007

HB and I were out all afternoon again! We're just getting to be social butterflies!! Here are a couple I did real quick....not sure about this one.

Here's the second one....

What's your opinion of these two??


  1. I like the top one..the clock, the baby and the man..
    It tells me that in time the baby will become a man..
    I like the colour in the bottom one..they are both good.
    Social butterflies eh..?

  2. The contrast of young and old is one of my favorite themes. This one is very fine. The bottom pic is very 60s in 70s colors. Whew.

  3. They are both good in different ways. The top one carries a message, for me it speaks of 'where did my life go, the other day I as young and now look at me!!" (If you want to read a good post about this, go to the link on my sidebar for cj's "sunshine and shadow", yesterday she spoke eloquently about this! Your card could SO illustrate her essay! I prefer this bottom one to yesterdays, for me, the design on her back gives it more of a "this is art and not just a cutout" feel.

  4. I like the subject of time flies.
    It's a gratifying composition to stare at for hours..(get it , pun on time?)
    ..ok, and I like the bottom one too, the colours define the you in the water.. it's tres chic..
    But honestly Janet, you really are very good at these!! Make more already :):):)
    Peace, Kai.

  5. The top one is cute, but I really like the bottom one the best. In the long run, the most important thing is if YOU like them - how do they make you feel?

  6. Anonymous8:27 PM

    These are both quite good, Janet. I like the use of color in the second one and the theme of the first. The way you used the baby and then the grown man...beautiful...

  7. I'm sure about both of them. Such variety. A lifetime, from baby to aged, what a gift the whole adventure is. The woman is fantastic. Guess what I did tonight..... a miniature mandala, ATC size. Will try to post it tomorrow for your perusal.

  8. I agree that time does fly and that ATC of the clock, baby and elerly man is great. It is true, a picture is worth a thousand words.
    The other one is great too, I love the colours in it! Very new-age ish.

  9. They are both great, Janet. The top one tells a complete story, very cleverly, and the yoga one is so serene & peaceful...
    wonderful work, keep them coming! :)

    Hope you're enjoying all your socialising! Have a great weekend.

  10. I like them both...the New Years one is wonderful, and I love the colors and design of the other!

  11. Hi Jan,
    I like both of them too. The thing that I love about ATC's is that they can be anything you want them to be, and you can express anything you want to in any way, shape, or form in miniature. They are little expressions of your soul that you can share with others or keep to yourself. :-) I will be posting my first set of five soon. I made a little series over the past week. Very primitive for sure but fun and that's what it's all about I think.
    Keep having fun Jan...

  12. You are doing a wonderful job with your ATC' many diverse subjects and you are coming up with interesting materials to use in making them!
    (Regarding the first post Friday..I had to go to work and am a bit behind on the blogs):
    Your son is obviously a resourceful and creative soul! Your grandaughters are beautiful!

  13. I like the one on top best because of the time--with the clock--thing, but I like the painted lady, because it reminded me of primitive dream time thinking of the bushmen of Australia. Yep, I like them both! There you are, you're just good.

  14. Good morning...isn't it exciting to create in this way....You do a beautiful job Ja-nay!!!!

  15. oh the top one really speaks to me....both are great though. Keep it up Janet!...and you know - opinions are just that...opinions. The real heart of the issue is do YOU like what you create? If you can glance at whatever it is with a satisfied eye...that's everything!
    you social butterfly you! :)

  16. I love both of them,,your such a natural at these.

  17. Your ATC's really make me think Janet. I like both of these very much. The top one seems simple when you first look at it and then the meaning shines through.

    Great life themes!

  18. oh I love this one with the woman with her arms raised over her head (yoga ?) and the vista ahead of her in the background. So interesting to look at. The depth in the picture, the texture of the patterns and the colors ! Really great.


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