Monday, January 29, 2007

Some of This and a Little of That

There are so many things going on in blogland recently that I don't have enough time to get to all of them before they're off to something else! Create a Connection always has interesting ideas and I fully intend to participate and then something else pops up and I forget all about it. I think I might need to make lists and keep them beside the computer. With the way my desk area is right now I'm sure I would have something piled on top of the list and then have to make a list of where all the other lists are buried! Do you have this problem, too?

So after saying all that I really don't have anything exciting to write about today! Where did I put that list of interesting topics?!!

The past couple of days have been hard on my exercise routine but I have done my morning pages and the 5 rites each day with that one exception when my "needle" foot was acting up. By the way, my foot is back to normal again and not bothering me. And I have done a little creating.

I made this fabric ATC yesterday....

It's a bit plain and the little beads around the heart don't show up pink like they really look in person but it's an ok ATC.

This one is paper again and HB thought it reminded him of the labels on fruit crates. (I'm happy to report that HB is feeling much better! He even enjoyed some coffee this morning.)

Today I might just play around with some techniques. So there may not be many photos to show tomorrow. We'll see....


morning pages - check
the five rites - check
treadmill -
weights -
I'm leaving those blank because I'm still going to try to work one of them in today if possible.


  1. Love the buttons! It looks sort of old fashioned and the other one does look so of like the old fruit crates!

  2. Glad to hear HB and your foot are both better. I'm not sure when the fasination with blogging will wear off but my house is feeling neglected. I can see this is going to require some discipline, ugh! I really don't like that D word.

  3. aaa ! LOVE your little fabric ATC ! Nice Job !

    Glad HB is better....

    I think the collage is fantastic.
    I had not though of it loooking like a crate label and then as soon as I read that I thought ! yes ! it does have that feel.

    That is a neat idea ! I could see California Grapes or Oranges on there ! hmmm, maybe you should shop it around !

  4. These are great, I'm loving your fabric ATC's! I agree about the other one....Sandy's right...I could see it with California fruit of some kind on it. Way to go Janet, even a little puttering time produces great things.
    Glad HB is feeling better.

  5. I love these ATCs, Janet, and am very glad to hear that HB is on the mend :)
    Glad, too, to know that it's not just me spinning round in circles at the minute! I feel like a little dog, chasing his tail and not getting very far! ;)

  6. So many wonderful blogs to visit and so little time! I agree with you that it can be hard to jugle everything. Especially when there is so much inspiration around.

    I have taken to having a note pad with me that is just for artistic ideas. Techniques I want to try . Names of people I want to send art too.

    Find that helps!

    Love how your fabric ATC's are devloping. And love the 'fruity' one too. Glad your hubby is feeling better. And you too.


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