Wednesday, January 10, 2007

These Might Be a Little Odd!!

Blogger is still at it and I had LOTS of trouble commenting on everyone's blogs. I hope this gets fixed before too much longer.

I messed around in the studio this morning and then had to get out for a hair cut. But I managed to do a couple of ATCs today. I hope these qualify because mostly I just used some pictures from a couple of books.....

This one is a bit odd but for some reason I liked the two things together!

Here's the second one....

Ok, now tell me if these are really ATCs....and what do you think of them?? Am I nuts??


  1. I know exactly what you mean about blogger..!
    I said before I don't know what makes an ATC an ATC, but these are great! No matter what you call them. I love the way you put these together. So unexpected and yet it works amazingly.
    You are good Janet..!!

  2. Time to put being "very insecure about your creativity" behind you, Janet. Already your ATCs show how well you do style, color and sense of drama in your art. These two in today's post are the best yet! And to boot, look how many visitors to your blog are trying this art form because of you!

  3. The only "rule" for ATC's is that they measure 3.5 x 2.5 inches. that's it. If you join a swap and they have a theme, that would be another stipulation, otherwise, it's whatever you create! you can collage, draw, whatever! just keep making them and they will be second nature before you know it!alot of people get addicted to these and love trading them! have fun!!

  4. I think they are great Janet. I especially like the first one. I don't think it's odd at all. It has wonderful colors and really gets your attention. Now the second did you get a picture of me? LOLOLOLOL ROLF HEEEHEEEE Dream on Macawhead......

  5. Janet they are fabulous! Lia is right - whatever makes you happy within the size limit - but the vaiety you have created is fabulous!!!

  6. I think making these ATCs is a great idea because it is a small form of expression, an art, and very fun to create. I like the freedom of using "whatever" and as Robin said a big THANK YOU for being such an inspiration.These are great, the second one spoke to me the most. I think it said, "get in shape"....LOL

  7. I really wish you'd stop using that picture of me.

  8. Absolutely - these are ATCs! That's the cool thing about an ATC - only rule is size! :) You can just go crazy from there.

    I really like the composition of the first one! Very cool

  9. Blogger...phoooy!!!! Blogger Bad...Anyway, An ATC can be a collage. painted, whatever! Yours are awesome I love the imagery! You Got it goin' on!

  10. these look like such fun, you are really into it huh? (BTW totally agree about Elvis,he was HOT. Even my broadminded mother was shocked at the thought of my little sister and I watching "the pelvis" in action!

  11. These ATC'S are fabulous Janet!! I agree with Robin. Your ATC'S show your very own style.
    It is unique and special and very you. Tell that inner critic to take a hike (or as I say to mine if she pops up ' fooey to youeee').

    Don't doubt your talent. Just enjoy the creative journey:)

  12. P.S Some of my favorite ATC's (I have 4 folder full) are flat collages. And miniature paintings.
    I put embellishments on most of mine (can't help myself) but appreciate ones that don't have them too!

  13. P.P.S

    It is so refreshing to see ATC's that are not vintage too. Your ATC's are the freshest and most original I have seen for some time.
    The more I look at the first one with the Eiffel tower the more I like it. You are being very bold and innovative - yay for you!!!

  14. are you nuts? NONONO! I couldn't agree more with Dotee about the uniqueness and freshness and originality of yours. I like vintage but sometimes it's lovely to see a new take on this unique art form. Please don't second guess yourself Janet...I think they are both fantastic!! Perhaps in the near future we can do a swap! woohoo!!

  15. Janet,

    I find these ATCs very interesting! I knew NOTHING about them until I saw them here!

    Of these 2- I like the second one-


  16. I love both pictures, but the one that really made me smile was the woman and the mountain. Just struck me as way funny and I got very nearly prevese pleasure smiling about it.

    I vote with Robin, you really need to get rid of the insecure about your creativity tag. I'm always amazed and inpspired by your creativity!

  17. Wow.
    I love these have an eye for this! What a cool modern twist.
    You are so ahead of the game ATC-wise!
    I just ordered a book on the subject...I eagerly await it's arrival....I suck at this. YOU are my inspiration!!!!

  18. Anonymous10:52 PM

    the one with the eiffel tower and the ct scans makes a lot of sense to me - it looks like Paris flipped - have you ever visited the catacombs beneath the city?


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