Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Total Disaster for Today

I tried some new things today for my Simply Create project. It looked great, I left it on my worktable to dry, came back a few hours later and this is what I had....

When I left it to dry it was all nice and smooth but when I came back it had wrinkled. I used parchment paper for the woman, and Liquitex Gel Medium to put everything together....that's the only kind I could find in the stores in this town.



  1. Hi Jan!
    You know the best topcoat stuff that I've found is Diamond Glaze..ever try that one? I'm not sure if Michael's carries it or not, but I know you can find it on ebay and at Dick Blick's art supply online. It's thinner than most and dries fast too.
    I like what you made, looks old and romantic. You could take a piece of co-ordinating tissue paper and put over it and redo it. I've done that before when I've gotten wrinkles and it covers a lot of them up adds more depth.
    Have fun!

  2. I dont have a clue, but I do know the compisition is lovely and the colours fantastic!
    Peace, Kai

  3. I like it very much Janet, the colours are vintage and romantic looking.
    I'm sure as we progress the things that frustrate us now, will resolve themselves.
    I like the overall look you achieved very much.

  4. Oh, but the important things is that you DID it!!! You made a beautiful collage. The glue is a "technicality". When I figure out the whole glue selection problem I will be one happy camper! I've tried them ALL! Now what you can do in your first collages is simply use a good glue stick and then lightly coat the top withe the medium when everything is down. It just takes lots of experimenting, etc. and seeing what you like best. Don't be discouraged at all if you like doing it! It's just a little "glue bump" in the road! I wouldn't call it a disaster! I used to think gel medium was the same as gesso so when I tried to follow and online art journal tutorial, I couldn't figure out why my pages got all! I loove the look of the collage. do another, keep going!

  5. From this aspect, it looks really nice....I like to turn disasters into masters....I would probably try to modge podge the whole thing onto a wood box from the dollar store, or some old tray you get at a thrift store, or piece of old never could take the wrinkles right out of it! After you modge podge it then varnish it.
    Outside of the wrinkles, how much do you love it? That’s the gage.

    Peace Sherrie

  6. In Claudine Hellmuth's wonderful book Collage Discovery Workshop, she recommends using Golden's Gel Medium for collages. She prefers the matte and uses regular weight for paper gluing and heavy for assemblage and ojbect gluing.

    However, wrinkled or not, your collage looks great!

  7. I've always just used modge podge for this type of art but then I live in the dark ages. Think I will probably try some of these suggestions by betzie and susan.This is the kind of thing I do when scrapbooking. I think it is really good.

  8. The wrinkling isn't visible in the photo, till I read it I didn't know what you might think was wrong with it.
    I use either gel medium or matte medium in my collage, but use something stiff (like a piece of cardboard) to smooth it all out, and remove any air bubbles. Depending on how sturdy the paper is, you could try re-wetting it, BUT - the paper very well may tear. When I have something that does the unexpected, I usually find it easier to just change my mind about it (it adds texture!), and call it a happy accident. Sorry I know that's probably not much help. I do like the way this looks in the photo.
    I'm just getting caught up on everyone's blogs and I hope you're having a having a happy, creative New Year!

  9. Anonymous2:31 AM

    Dear Janet,
    It probably wasn't what you had imagined in your mind but to my eye it is beautiful. Without realizing it you probably gave it a technique some people are out there trying to get.

    It is really lovely. I bet you change your mind in a day or two.
    Thanks for sharing your work.


  10. Oh Janet how I long to look around Mollie's shop and find some treasures to purchase. It looks like a shop I could spend all day in. Does she have a coffee or juice bar in it? Love the day you spent at Jo-ann's and Barnes and Noble, that is my sort of day, nothing like shopping for art supplies, magazines and books.

  11. Linda3:34 AM

    Maybe a nonwrinkled final product starts with the glue you use to initially adhere the items? I'm just guessing, but it sounds like some experiementing with adhesives is in order if you have a particular look in mind.

    Have you ever tried Coccoina Colla Bianca. It's a natural glue that unlike PVA glues, it doesn't cause papers to wrinkle. Only place I know to get it is Barnes & Noble and it's in a glue stick form. It's made from potatoes and smells like almonds.

    I find your project very lovely.

  12. Pat yourself on the back Janet. At least you did something-unlike certain cyber friends of yours(ahem)who are sitting around in a pile of asian fabric cuttings whining(can you hear me now?)I like the way it looks. It's an old photo and it looks aged. I agree with the person who suggested Diamond Glaze. Get thee to Dick Blick.Good work, girl.

  13. I can imagine how upset your were - and yet from where I am I like the composition!

  14. Oooh just pretend you meant to do it and we'll all ask for your secret. hehe I think it's lovely!

  15. I think it looks great! I e-mailed you about what I use. I have tried the Liquitex gel medium and its just not as good as Goldens, I don't know why. You definetly have a eye for collaging so don't give up. You might need something a little heavier to glue it down on. If your base is thin it could cause wrinkles. But either way,,I still Like it alot! Just keep experimenting.

  16. Anonymous11:09 PM

    I too use the Diamond Glaze as glue and as a top coat. The only time I have had a problem with it was when I tried to glue down some vellum paper to some cardstock. As for this piece I think with the colors and all the wrinkles just make it look more vintage


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