Thursday, January 11, 2007

Two more for today....

Ok, I just made two more ATC's for today's Simply Create. Here's the first one....

I don't know why it has that weird edge on the right side. The card is blue to the edge!

And here's the second one....

Do you like these??


  1. OMG - that first one is AMAZING!!! I'm telling you Janet, you are a natural at this!!
    and you know what...everyone has days where things don't go as planned. don't worry about talking about it or feeling's just being human.
    I've been beating myself up for not doing any art...I finally realized I wasn't allowing myself the humanness of all that's happened. Art will wait. I will just keep looking at yours! :)

  2. Sorry Janet..I don't like it..
    I LOVE IT..! have really mastered these..I think they are really good.

  3. I agree with Lisa and Sheila Janet - these are AMAZING! I love that first one. And the second one works so well. You have a great modern flair (I told you were a natural at this form of art).

    Don't beat yourself up over your day not going as well as planned. We all have days like this.

  4. Janet!!!I love the first one-can I buy it? It's so gorgeous...and...again...with the picture(hee)
    You're a natural.

  5. Wonderful Janet! You are a natural whiz at these little pieces of art. Would you like to do a swap? I just finished one with Maryellen, and have one going with Kai and starting Pamalalala's, but I wanna do one with you too! I covet your art! Lemme know!

  6. I really like the composition, the fiber and color, it all goes together so well. The woman on the second one fits the background so perfectly. (I've had 2 down days so today has to be better huh)?

  7. I really love the first!

  8. Are you having fun with these?! :) I really like them! The first one totally caught my eye - I love the bright mix of colors!

  9. I also love the first one! Ok so it looks like you got me hooked, I'm going to start on some oil on canvas ones tonight... so another stupid question... apart from offering them as prizes on your blog(see 2day's post!) what else do you do with them? I have seen comments about buying them, and swapping them.... How do you go about getting into swapping? And do you sign it like a painting, maybe with a date on the back?

  10. Emphatically, YES... I love them, especially the first!!!!

  11. I agree with Lisa,,you are a natural! When ever you want to swap I would be so happy to have yours in my collection! I Loved the post about your son and his family. I bet they are so happy,,such a nice simple life. I am sure its harsh at times, but still simple. Thanks for sharing that and your ATCs,,you rock girl!!


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