Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Art Gets Floored....

I'm really late today! Life just gets in the way of blogging sometimes!! I have a couple of things to show you....first up is the crow necklace I won in the heART give-away from Cinda....

This is so cool! And it came in its own crow pouch. Eat your heart out Pam!! Now I have a crow, too.

This ATC is for a swap I'm doing....

Dotee, do you recognize the background? I put some gold on it to pick up the gold in the headdress. The photo isn't too good on this. The colors are very vibrant and rich. The gems along the side are green, blue and purple.

Here is another postcard I did with squares....

The girl's face got a little wrinkle in it, and the colors are a bit more vivid....I used lavender and blues for the squares to pick up the blue in her eyes and make-up.

Then I did this 4 X 4 square....

I like the mask on this one. The colors came out pretty good on it. I have some more ATCs but a couple of them are in the mail for a swap so I won't show them yet. And I've been doing a few more little felt squares.

Unfortunately I will be away from the computer quite a bit for the next couple of days. We are finally getting the new carpet installed on Thursday so tomorrow we will spend most of the day getting ready for that and then the next day it will be installed and then Friday I'm sure we will be returning everything back to normal. So I'll have a few busy days. Don't forget me while I'm gone!! Hopefully I'll be able to show you some new artwork too. Hey, a gal's gotta sit down sometime! And when I do it will be at my worktable.


  1. Hi I'm back at long last, just been catching up on your postings, wow you certainly have the ATC bug, they are great, you would think you had been making them for years.

  2. Oh I really like your square pieces and the awesome ATC... You have a nack of being able to put colors with patterns together that i would never think of doing....


  3. the Egyptian one is my favorite of the three. I live the featherly pieces attached with the ribbon look on the bottom. very well put together!

  4. those are lovely, enjoy a blog break and create!!
    Peace, Kai.

  5. NEW CARPET! yeah, I love new stuff. Your space with the new carpet will be so nice you won't want to mess it up, so no beads, no paint, no glue, no, no, no,well
    this will never do! Create and enjoy.See you in a few days.

  6. Everything is so pretty. Have a happy valentine's day and enjoy all the joy of carpet installation! Thank you so much for your comment regarding Bev. Hugs, my friend. xo

  7. You are a creative genius...how do you find time..?!
    Good luck with the carpet installation..!

  8. L really like thepiece with the head of Nefertiti on it, everything hangs together beautifully. Hope the carpet laying goes well, will e-mail you later today.

  9. L really like thepiece with the head of Nefertiti on it, everything hangs together beautifully. Hope the carpet laying goes well, will e-mail you later today.

  10. I wish to see Before and After Carpet photos! I know I don't post comments nearly enough, considering how lovely and loyal you are to post them on mine, but I DO check in daily and look at all the things you've created. Incredible, really, it's SO much fun to see these mini collages. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  11. Wonderful work you've been doing while sitting down! (teehee!)

  12. Glad you liked your crow necklace and crow pouch! Cawwwwww! Cawwwww! Yes! I like that mask one too!

  13. I call it trash to treasures...I am so glad you liked my... what came out of some of that awful junk mail...I hope you will give it a try.:)
    And sence I am here, you made out really good on Valentine's. You are loved...I haven't figured out how to send things to you yet, I am a newbe at this...Happy everyday, Mary


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