Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Before and After

It's taken me a few days but I'm finally going to show you some before and after photos of the new carpet. First, let me just say that this would not be my first choice for carpet color! I would prefer something more neutral but when we bought this house it had a blue-gray carpet throughout the entire house. I never liked it from the beginning and we always planned to replace it but just couldn't agree on what we wanted to do or when we wanted to do it. So the blue-gray stayed and I just tried to decorate "around" that, I mean I tried to ignore it! Well, when we finally got around to replace the downstairs carpet we decided it would be a good idea to stay with the same color so that the upstairs wouldn't be too different from the I still have blue-gray's just new and a bit shaggier!

This is the family room before....we had everything out except the big furniture. This was just before the installers arrived.

This is the family room with the new carpet in but not stretched yet.

This is the office area before. As many of you know, we had a leak in the slab back in September and had to pull the carpet up to do the repair. That set us on a path of re-doing the house and we used this room mostly as a work area and place to keep our tools while we painted and did other house repairs and re-models. We put our computers in the dining room for all that time! It was a bit of chaos around here for several months....and probably will be for a few more since we're going to be selling this house.

This is the same area after carpet was installed.

HB added a return to the desk area. We just have to finish off the back.

It has bookshelves inside....which aren't organized yet! Just have stuff crammed in to get it out of the way! In fact, none of the shelves are organized as yet. Most of the stuff above the desk is HB's and he hasn't gone through any of it yet.

This is the other side of the office. Nothing has been "decorated" pictures have been hung, no curtains, nothing!! It's just the bare bones right now. I will show you things as I go along.

This is the dining room right before they stretched the carpet and hid the seams. I hope to replace that hideous light fixture, too. Another one of the things I've disliked from the beginning!! I do love the pot shelf above the doorway/arch. It's always fun to decorate that area. And again there is nothing in the room at this point.

I'm thinking of using beiges and soft golds to tie in with the blue. The family room walls are a gold color and the living/dining room is creamy so I think bringing in some beiges/tans....something in the brownish family will help pull the blue into the room and make it work. Our furniture is in the tan/brown color range too. I'm hoping I can use a few shades of blue in pillows, throws, etc to make it all look like it works. If anyone has any ideas throw 'em out there and let me know.

So there you have it....before and after. But the chaos still continues! I'm trying to remain calm in the midst of it all.


I received some very special mail yesterday but I have to get photos of it so I'll probably be posting it later today.

Here are a couple of ATCs I made yesterday....

This is the string technique taken from Artist Trading Cards Workshop.

This one is dark blue felt.

I did several more but they don't sit flat on the scanner so I'll have to try to get photos of them.

That's it for now....but be sure to keep watching this space for photos of my incredible mail!!!


  1. I really like blue with brown, and with yellow. What a nice clean feeling it must be to have new carpet. How in the world do you find time to make ATCs with all this going on? I really like the string piece and the feathers are just the right touch.:)

  2. I like the way youa re experimenting with your ATC's!
    I wonder why you chose blue carpet?(Ha!) Very pretty and so peaceful!

  3. I like the blue with the yellow walls. It looks very nice and isn't it great to have a big job done? You are the Queen of ATCs-make an arrangement of them on a wall. They're lovely

  4. Janet thanks for showing us your photos it is an interesting journey when you re-lay carpet --we did it just before Christmas last year.
    I love the ATC's as well especially the one with the buttons-simple but effective.Great.

  5. I remember the blue/gray carpet we had in a multi-level house. I used a lot of white, off white, navy and deep burgendy reds accents for that house. I like the blues and golds and coffee shade togeher too.

    Like the ATC's

  6. You've had lots going on! I bet the new carpet just makes it feel so fresh!
    I'm sure it will look great when you've finished decorating!!

  7. Ahhhhh,,,,fresh carpet. No dander, no lint, no weird smells.
    Nothing like a fresh start, and I like the colour, of course!!!

  8. You have been busy both with the interior decorating and the art - sorry I missed your Blog birthday, I've been out of the loop for a couple of days, life got in the way and when I did try to leave the odd comment Blogger wouldn't let me. I like the sound of soft gold with the blue, it will all look great when you've finished..

  9. Janet I like your new carpet. It is coming through (at least here) more blue than blue-gray. In my house in NC I had new carpet installed that was called "Pacific Blue". Looked like yours. Very nice! Great ATC's you made too. The last one with the buttons, reminds me of those candies we used to get at the movies...Good and Plenty...was that the name of them?

  10. I think your blue carpet looks beautiful!

    And the office area looks clean and fresh.

  11. Hi Jan!
    You know I think we think alike! I have that same color(I think) in my Family room...well I have a blue berber rug, but the wall color looks the same. It's a tannish gold, but our ceiling is also blue. I have to get rid of that one day..just not right with me these days.
    Gosh, how do you do all you do?! I can't seem to find the time right just keeping up with the daily stuff! You are amazing!

  12. My gosh, I fall of the commenting map for a week and look what happens while I'm away. The blue is gorgeous, Janet. Would be a definite color option if I was picking out carpet. Your ATC's are very pretty and feminine and the invasion blew through my studio long ago. Now I know who did it - Namelians!!. Lisa mug is a beauty. I'm lucky enough to have one too. A very special treasure. Hugs, Annie

  13. I like the office corner.
    Your home looks very comfy.

    All the ATC cards are amazing!

  14. Wow, wow, wow and wow again! Your house is beautiful, Janet, and so are your ATCs! I'm getting behind too, just catching up here and it's wonderful to see all the lovely newness around you! :)


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