Friday, February 23, 2007

Brain Block!

I'm having a brain block today! I can't seem to think of anything to write about so I will just show you a few more ATCs I made last night....

I think these are clickable to view larger

I like the dictionary description....assume a prim expression! I thought this lady definitely had a prim expression. It doesn't show but there is a red sequin on the front of her dress.

This is a small piece of a famous painting (can't recall who did it!)....I liked her casual attitude.

I played with some napkins and book images....not quite sure I like this one.


  1. Hey! Are you actively trading your cards? Or do you have so many now that you stockpile them?
    Did you ever recieve my package?
    Too many questions!

  2. Brain, drain, Janet,

    I think not! My goodness you have just been making cards like crazy. And Blue is right, are you actively trading your cards?

  3. Beautiful ATC's Janet.
    Ilove them all

  4. Nice Janet. And I like the last one best.!!

  5. Great ATCs!!!! I like that last one you said you weren't sure about! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  6. Janet, they are not Artist TRADING cards, unless you trade with :)
    I like the visions you create with them.. WE need a GLitter girl site to display these on, so we can trade them and such.. Whatcha think..?
    and howabout a LOST ATC theme? yummie boys there.. teehee...
    seriously, these are super Janet..
    Peace, Kai.

  7. I think I always have a brain block because I always have so few words!

    I sure like this butterfly and poppy lots lots lots!

    Happy Weekend!

  8. Oh yes that butterfly and poppy my favorite!Great creativity!Have I missed something..where is your check list you used to do?Hello for Florida!hugs NG

  9. I have a brain block today too. Sigh...

    I like your ATCs, as always!!

  10. What amazing ATC's - they are all wonderful - but that little ginger cat and the serende woman on the couch - just fabulous!

    As to the state of your craft zone - it looks familiar. I actually sorted mine a month ago and have had trouble creating ever since!!! Go with what works.

  11. Doesn't look like much of a brain block to me! I think there are so many ideas that they are all fighting to get to the front first:):) I cuddled Gabriel again yesterday - he's 4lb 2oz now and very snuggly.

  12. I love them all! Espiecally the one you said you weren't sure about. But I am a flower and butterfly girl! Hope you have a great week-end Janet!

  13. I just read through all of the comments and I can not believe how many people liked the ATC with the butterfly, (that's my favorite to)
    and I must agree with rowan, it is not a case of no ideas, it's too many, and they are fighting to see who can get out first!!!

  14. Well all I can say if these came out of a brain block look out world when it's unblocked....All of these are absolutely fantastic and because of that it's truly hard to pick a favorite! Have you kept track of just how many you've done so far?

  15. I love your ATC's - you are so talented and I think so patient doing such small work.. how do you get the images so small?


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