Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Busy With Bargains and ATCs

I got busy chopping up those books! I made some new ATCs and revamped a few of my others. First here are the ones I revamped. Mostly I just added some words to them, and a flower to the "fruit crate" ATC.

I think this photo is clickable.

Then I made some new ATCs. First, this one....

Next one....

And this one....

After all that creating I had to get out of the house for a few minutes and I'm sure glad I did 'cause I found bargains!! First I found this at the 99 Cent Store....

The price on the box is $12.95 and I got it for 99 cents! Then I went to Ross and found this....

I think this one is clickable so you can see the price!

Here's what was inside....

The size 35 needles are worth more than 49 cents! And then there were two skeins of yarn....one eyelash and one a little bulky. I thought it was definitely worth the price!

So that's my day up to late afternoon. Tonight it's laundry and more ATCs.


  1. I saw that knitter's calendar here at our 99¢ Only Store. I find the best deals there! Love what you've done with your books and magazines!
    We went to Ross today too. (senior discount day!)

  2. holy smokes have you been a creative busy BEE...these are all fantastic. And don't you just love finding great deals???
    See my blog for Spring Fling!

  3. you got some great deals! I love it when I find super buys! it's so satisfying to feel like I'm getting a deal. I like your ATC's. I see everyone's ATC's but I still can't figure out what the acronym stands for. give me a hint please.

  4. I had to laugh at the name of the calender!

    Great finds!

  5. You found some wonderful treasures!
    I really have enjoyed the Stitch and Bitch knitters!

    I can just picture you making those ATC,s...:) Keep up the good work!

  6. Don't you just love a sale, I think it's like hunting and gathering for me...I love to come see your art and what you are doing. Have a great week, Mary

  7. that's it Janet - do the housework at night!! love your art! especially the antiquities one.

  8. I especially like the ones with Cleopatra and the juggler. Do you read Crazy Aunt Purl? Her knitting club is called Stitch & Bitch-sounds like fun, no?

  9. You were lucky to go out for a bit!
    What great bargoons you got!

    You have great talent in making those cards. I am just looking at them and imagining the ideas flowing in your mind when you cut the pieces. Great cards!

  10. Jan,
    Did you see where THE SECRET is going to be Oprah's topic on her show tomorrow???
    Can't wait to watch it! My HB and I have enjoyed the video very much.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Fantastic Janet....You ARE an artist!!!!!

  12. STOP! You're making me jealous... just kidding... this is INSPIRATION! All your ATCs are fabulous... my fave is "Learn to Juggle Life!" What size are you making them? What are you doing with the edges and the back side?

  13. Love the ATCs, as Lisa said, you Have been one Busy Bee, haven' you! Wonderful bargains you found - I love when that happens. I don't know if you have the same line of Dollar Tree stores up there, but ours had skeins of the Lion Brand Fancy Fur yarn for 99 cents (Michael's had it on sale for $2 last week, they must have sent what didn't sell to the Dollar Tree). Just thought I'd pass that on for what it's worth!

  14. Isn't it fun getting new stuff and great books that give you insipration, now how did you get all of those ATCs on one post?

  15. What fun! I love your new ATC's and the bargin! Well that's just wonderful. Those needles are worth more than what you paid, that's for sure. Doesn't something like that just make your day?

  16. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Nice purchases and great deals, Janet!
    Your ATCs are really wonderful! I like what you're doing.

    Have a Great Evening!

  17. That's it, im flying in to where you are and we're going shopping!!
    It's wednesday Janet, how can you do ATC's when the boys are on??!! lol..
    Maybe some LOST ones?
    The ones so far are fantastic, you just keep getting better at these.. :)
    PEace, Kai.

  18. Your new ATC's are great Janet, the Egypt one and the antiquities one are especially attractive.
    You know how to find a bargain too I see...

  19. Goodness, you have been a busy bee!

  20. Woweeee Janet, you have been a busy lady!! I think adding words to your ATC'S has given them a great lift.

    I think your art has grown so much in a very short space of time.

    Every time I see one of your ATC's I love looking at each detail and thinking about the composition. Gorgeous work!


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