Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Five Senses

As you may know, Deb has been a guest writer over at Create a Connection. This past week she did a meme and you know I love doing them. This one was a bit more difficult than usual. I had a tough time thinking of some of these.... and many of my answers aren't that original! But here it is....

1. What are some of your favorite smells? What's a smell that many other people seem to like, but you don't?
I love the smell of coffee, anything baking, jasmine, gardenia, lavender, lilacs....

(do you see a purple trend here!!)....cinnamon (I guess that falls under baking), and spicy (not hot spicy) smells. I don't like the smell of meat. I can barely stand to walk by the meat department of most grocery stores because the smell of meat almost makes me sick.

2. What are some of your favorite tastes? What's a taste many other people seem to like, but you don't?
I like tastes that are ice cream, pudding, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, most things like that. I love caramel even over chocolate!

One thing I don't like to taste is the flavor of raspberry. I like real raspberries but I don't like anything flavored with raspberry taste.

3. What are some of your favorite textures? What's a texture that many other people seem to like, but you don't?
I love soft, plush textures....velvety things, tapestries, brocades, rich fabrics. I'm not much for satin and anything too slick.

4. What are some of your favorite sounds? What's a sound that many other people seem to like, but you don't?
Water comes to mind right away. I love the sound of flowing water....the ocean, rivers, streams, waterfalls, etc. I like the sound of laughter, cats purring, the rumble of a motorcycle, and HB's voice. The sound that other people seem to like that I don't would have to be rap music! I just can't get into it.

5. What are some of your favorite sights? What's a sight that many other people seem to like but you don't?
Art, colors, sunsets, clouds draping over the mountains, a full moon, flowers blooming, smiles....all things I love to see. I don't enjoy looking at cutsie things. I'm not a cutsie kind of person but many people are. By that I mean teddy bears and baby dolls and syrupy-sweet things.

Bonus: If you could greatly enhance just one sense - say for instance see as many colors as a bird, or smell as many distinct scents as a dog - which sense would it be and why?
Simple....seeing! I think it would be awesome to have enhanced eyesight so that I could see more colors and maybe even see smaller things or things very far away.

On a different subject, I have enjoyed having my ATCs up for the give-away because it has brought so many new visitors to my blog and I've been able to discover their blogs. While doing that very thing I saw the following map thingie on That Blue Girl's blog. So you know me!! If it's a quiz or a meme or anything like that then I have to try it. This is a map, showing in red, the states I've visited.....and many of them are states I've lived in, too!!

create your own personalized map of the USA


  1. Good meme answers. I like this one and may do it next week.
    I'm with you on the meat dept., rap music, and cutesy poo stuff...LOL

  2. Anonymous8:38 AM

    This is a very nice meme. You started it off with all lovely smells. Gardenia is one of my favorites. It reminds me of my mom.

    Take care,

  3. I have the most difficult time deciding what I like or dislike and putting it in words... but I loved reading your answers! They left me craving for caramel and wishing for a jasmine plant.

  4. Lots of answers I agree with here especially the smells of lilac,lavender and cinnamon and the taste of caramel. I'm also anti rap music and cutesy things, the smell of meat I can cope with. Interesting list.

  5. mmmmm.. I am dreaming lavender lilacs and caramels..chocolate covered..
    thank you for these images

  6. That is a good meme! very interesting

  7. you would love my garden right now! the gardenias are blooming and the perfume is exquisite! I have about 12 bushes of them. I adore the perfume of the gardenia. states I have been to in the US - California, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and I think we nipped the top of Maryland. Oh and Washington state. I guess I flew over Oregon on the way there and we had a stop off in Hawaii when coming over.

  8. Ummmmmm, Cinnamon, cloves, allspice, vanilla. Yum!

  9. I checked out your other blog..and laughed out loud at *My pickie*.. thankyou, it made my day Janet.. I'm waiting for monday!!! are you on the list?
    and wed...the boys are back in town!!

    pretty purpley peace, Kai.

  10. Interesting meme Janet! I love all the different images of each sense that you've illustrated!

  11. Hi Janet!
    Your are the winner of my Valentine GiveAway!
    Please send me your address so I can put it in the mail.

  12. What a fun meme. I need to get over there and pick some of your ATCs!! I have yours ready to go!

  13. I agree with 99% of your choices - but likes and dislikes - except coffee! Though sometimes it does smell good to me - there are other times (maybe the brands?) that just smell like skunk to either it smells WONDERFUL or it smells AWFUL to me, depending I guess on what kind it is. It was fun reading your answers.

  14. I loved learning more about you!! Caramel more than chocolate, huh?! Wow! :) I'm a definite chocoholic!


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