Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gettin' Back to the Studio....

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to party yesterday....and for all the wonderful comments you left for me. I feel like Sally Field at the Academy Awards...."You like me! You really, really like me!" I'm smiling and winking as I typed that.

I have been very behind in posting some of my recent mail. I'm sure many of you know about Maryellen's art offering. Mine arrived a few days ago and I love it. I chose this one because HB is an Aries....

And this one is just so incredible....so detailed and precise....

There is another one but I just realized I don't have a photo of it yet! I love each of them and they will be framed and hung in our home. Thank you, Maryellen!

I recently did a fabric ATC swap with Doreen. Her ATC arrived and it is just beautiful!

This photo does NOT do it justice. The colors are so rich and vibrant and it sparkles all over. The background is a multi-colored metallic mesh/net. It's just incredible. I love it. Thank you, Doreen!

And these last two ATCs are from Denmark. I did a swap through Flickr and received these beautiful ATCs....

I finally got into the studio today and I made a few ATCs plus I had some from before the carpet/sick days that I had not posted yet so here goes....

This first one is actually a photograph in the background. While going through some photos I found a handful that were just scenery that hadn't turned out very good. I thought I might be able to use them for ATC backgrounds and this one worked good. I added the bird (from the bird book I recently bought) and the stamp is just a sticker.

The next one is another photo background. It was just some trees so I added the berries and leaves in front, the birds in the sky and the white outlines.

I did several more ATCs so I'll just post them without any explanations....

Then I did a couple of postcard sized collages....

And that's about all I have for today! Whew! I'm still trying to catch up on all your blogs and what happened while I was away from the computer so if I haven't visited in a few days just be patient....I'll get there!


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  2. That was me who deleted the comment Janet because I made a very bad spelling mistake.
    Anyway you have been very busy and I love the background ATC's you are very clever.

  3. Oh Janet...I love "Faith" and the little bird is so sweet. Glad you're feeling better.

  4. Wow!!! Janet I like all of them but the the little dream house floating above the earth is my FAVORITE!!!!

  5. i love the home as planet earth and your version of faith and.. oh heck Janet, I love them all..lol!!
    Peace, Kai.

  6. Hi Janet,

    I like all the ATCs shown-

    Interesting ART.

    And happy onr year anniversary to you.


  7. Happy one year anniversary!!!
    Good work on all those ATC's!
    I took the test on your last post and I was BLUE, too....(I always seem to have the same outcome as you!)

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  9. The party was so much fun, Janet, even if I didn't get to have champagne! I love everyone of the new ATC's. Those must be addictive!

  10. Glad you are getting back into the swing of things....the first ATC with the Puffinus is really good, and I love the postcard one with the open doorway. I also liked your gifts, there are so many talented people out there.Did you read my last post? it was about Warren.

  11. you were very busy ... love the house

  12. you were very busy ... love the house

  13. Happy Blogging Anniversary! I really like the photo backgrounds. There are some children's book illustrators who make very effective use of that technique -- Nina Crews is one. I especially like the owl in the snowy trees.

  14. My Goodness what a busy gal you have been. What a great idea about using the photos for backgrounds. I think I have some I could use too. I Love all of the ATCs you posted and the ones you recieved too.

  15. The art you received is glorious indeed and YOUR art....I swear Janet, it literally knocks me out! I can't pick a favorite....your eye for aesthetics is amazing!!


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