Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm So Square....

I was thrilled to visit Lia's blog this morning and see that she has "featured" me today. You should stop by and visit her....she was featured on typepad and there's a very nice article about her blog. Lia is one of the people who has greatly influenced me to try collage and squares. If you haven't met Lia she is so creative and she is very "square"....!! You'll see what I mean when you visit.

Over the weekend I got square again. I made some postcards. Here is the first one I did....

and here is the second one....

A little different from some of my other things but I'm experimenting. I love to play with color and shapes and the squares are an interesting background to use.

I don't have much for you's Monday. Maybe later my brain will kick into high gear and I'll have something else.


  1. Two new postcards is a lot to give us... and they're GRAND! I especially like the green one.

  2. Holy smokes these are GREAT!! I really love the green one! I enjoy working postcard size or with 5X5" sizes. Hey, it's hip to be square!

    oh and guess what - I did your ATC's and will be popping them in the mail!! I really got my mojo on yesterday!

  3. Those are both unique and lovely Janet. I visited your friends blog where you were featured!! Indeed you are the ATC Queen!! :)
    Peace n fun, Kai

  4. and here I am trying to be outside the square ! love your work !

  5. Ummm, Janet,
    I like them both. They have such different moods even with the background of squares. Yep! I like both. Couldn't say one over the other. Way to go. Not much huh? Whew!

  6. Janet, these are great - you make "being square" look like so much fun :)
    I'll have to check out your friend's blog, too.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Sorry about the delete - Blogger appeared to have wiped out the first part and it didn't make sense. I tried to post this morning to say how much I love the inchies that you made - they are so,so pretty. Hope you are going to make more when you rediscover the glue:)

  9. Goodness woman, is there no end to your talent!! These postcards are wonderful. Such bold colors. You really are the queen of collage my friend.

    I agree with Lisa , it's hip to be square!!!

  10. As I's hip to be square! :) Very nice!

  11. Janet,
    These are so you...I just LOVE them...they are too cool, not "square" at all!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog today. :)

  12. If you are square janet, i must be inside out. I really like the 2nd postcard. I've been using some of the wall paper you sent. It is a fun challenge.

  13. Love the postcards! I haven't done any of those!! I have done the inchies! Yours are Cool! I'll have to check your friend's Blog out too! I can't Believe we started Blogging on the same day!!!! At least we finally met!!! Thanks! to Sandy!!! Thanks! Sandy!!! God Bless YOU! Janet! xoxox, Cinda ps. GLAD you liked your you know what!!! hehehe!!! It's such a silly little thing but sometimes they are sure to bring a chuckle!

  14. Hi Janet, I like your postcards. the greenie is my favorite. your inchies are adorable too. You've been very busy! and congrats on being featured as the ATC Queen! you are an inspiration.

  15. Lisa is right,
    Holy smokes!
    I love the first one.
    Greens and blues...

  16. You've been so busy since I last stopped by! Love those inch art pieces, and the postcards as well.
    It's great fun getting to know you through your art and words.

  17. You have a wonderful way of varying the content and subject matter on your art work. They are all so different and so good.
    Well done Janet, you have really accomplished a lot in the last few months. You go girl!

  18. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Love them both. The top one is my fav

  19. Ooh, it's a long way down, here! ;) Great post, Janet, and those postcards are amazing! The top one really appeals to me. I love your style!
    I've yet to make a start on these 'inchies' that are becoming so famous, & Lia with them! Best get a move on, eh? I'll have such fun with the papers you sent, thank you! :)
    Have a great day, Janet, I'm off to check out Lia's blog right now...

  20. Those are great Janet!! Isn't it fun to be square? Your collaging is excellent!


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