Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm Such a Lucky Gal!!

First let me say THANK YOU to everyone who made a comment yesterday. I just had a bit of a dip in my day and was feeling a little sorry for myself! It doesn't happen often but I'm human, too (really, I am!)

Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday? She did a show about "The Secret" and I enjoyed it so very much. We have the DVD....Molly gave it to HB for Christmas and we've watched it several times. Yesterday it was interesting to see the people from the DVD interact with the audience and give suggestions on ways to use "The Secret" to make their lives better. If you haven't already seen this DVD I highly recommend it.

Then I had another great mail day but first I'm embarrassed to say I received an ATC from Vicci several days ago and thought I had posted a picture of it but realized that I had not!! My brain is definitely in need of new spark plugs or something! So without further delay here is the ATC I received....

Isn't that little girl just the cutest! I like how she has her hand over her mouth, and her fairy wings are so pretty. Thank you, Vicci!!

Then I had mail from Suzie Q. We did a swap together. I have got to work on my presentation because hers was fantastic! Here is one of the ATCs....

Here's another....

And then here's the card she made with a drawing of the ATC I sent to her!!

And do we see a theme here....purple!! Plus she sent me some wonderful paper samples to play with and a beautiful bookmark which I've already put to use! I think her artwork is just fantastic! I love all the swirls (you know me!) Thank you Suzie Q!!

As if all that wasn't enough, I also received one of the prizes I won in the give-aways last week. I was lucky enough to win this beautiful Valentine from Donna....

It is just so pretty when you can see it in are all the wonderful things I received. They all look so much better when I'm holding them in my hand. I think my scanner just doesn't like me anymore! Thank you Donna!


  1. Golly, I guess you are a lucky gal! Those are beautiful cards. I'm soooo bad at stuff like that; you know, the little bitty hand work stuff. I sure do enjoying other people's work, though, and am always happy to see things like this posted :)

  2. I love seeing the beautiful things that all your talented friends create.
    I know they brightened your day!!

  3. How lucky are you Janet and they are all beautiful too

  4. I am so glad you are feeling better! Watch THe secret again! hee hee! I bought the book this morning! Love all the pretty ATCs!

  5. I missed it darn it - great ATCs!

  6. What beautiful gifts you received. And Suzie Q's drawings on the card are wonderful. Very fluid and purple!

    I'm so glad to hear of the good comments you got yesterday from the blog. It was a good blog and it is nice when the people in blog land lend a little helping hand when we have a down day. And heck to gosh, anyway, we all have them once in awhile. I'm glad your's is gone.

  7. You are the Princess of Purple...the ATC's and art work you recieved is lovely. So is yours, I'm sure they are delighted too..

  8. What wonderful expressions of art, and all delivered right to your door, makes you just want to kiss the mailman, well maybe not...I mean you might have a mail lady,and then there's HB to consider......oh where is this going? Glad you have been so blessed.

  9. I think it was good to read that you were having a bit of an "off" day...we all have them and it was generous of you to share your anxiety...
    [I did see the Oprah show about
    The Secret...and it makes sense!
    I just need to be more positive about finances (more respect for and interest in I can attract some...ha!) I'm rich in so many other ways!]

  10. The Secret DVD was the Christmas present I bought for myself. Science and Spirituality merging.
    More beautiful ATC's.

  11. Janet it must be just so nice to share with other artists you are all so creative.

    The cards are lovely.

  12. Giving and recieving so much fun!

  13. Whew,,aren't you the lucky gal! What pretty art you have been recieving. Don't they just make your day?


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