Monday, February 26, 2007

The Morning After....

Whew!! I have a bit of a hangover this morning and my feet are killing me. It must have been all that champagne and dancing at the after Oscar parties last night! It was fab-u-lous, Dah-ling! I was rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite and lovin' every minute.

Johnny was a delightful date and I think he's madly in love with me. He couldn't keep his hands off me all night. I finally had to tell him the bad news....that I'm a married woman. He didn't take it very well, poor guy.

Seriously, now....I thought it would be fun to tell you about one of my experiences seeing a movie star. When you live in the Los Angeles area it sort of becomes a regular occurance for some people. My ex-husband drove several miles along Sepulveda Blvd. next to Jack Nicholson one night. Molly has met Clint Eastwood and many others while working in a deli/wine store. HB and I had Jay Leno pull up beside us and start chatting at a stoplight. I've seen Moon Unit and Dweezel Zappa shopping for groceries at Gelson's. Things like that happen all the time.

But my first experience seeing a star up close was a little scary. I had only been out here a few years and didn't live anywhere near where it's normal to see a star. One afternoon my kids and I decided to go to Olvera Street. Be sure to check out the link as it has lots of information about this historic area.

We got there and the place was very busy....lots of people strolling about and we joined in. As we went along the street I noticed 4 or 5 very rough looking guys coming towards us. These were scary guys....the kind you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley! They just had an extreme look about them.....their clothes, their attitude, they had Liberty spikes, lots of chains hanging from every loop, tats, and they just looked mean. (This was back in the very early 80's.)

I steered us over to the other side of the street to avoid them and we went on our way. A little bit later the kids and I noticed a large group of people standing around looking at something. I immediately thought of the guys we had seen earlier and wondered if something had happened.

My son wanted to check it out and went over to the crowd, then came back to get me and Molly. No one was hurt or murdered or anything like that. No, they were filming a movie right there on Olvera Street....and the star was in the middle of that throng of people....none other than Charles Bronson. They were filming Death Wish II and the four guys we had seen earlier were the gang members from the movie!

We ended up standing around watching for awhile and the thing that was so amazing was how small Bronson was! He had this reputation on screen of being a bad dude and he was just a very small guy in person. Not much bigger than me!! I wish I could show you photos but at the time I didn't even own a camera!

Since then I've had several encounters with "famous" people. I usually try not to bother them or stare at them because I know it must be a royal pain in the a-- to have people doing that all the time. What stars have you seen?? Do you have any funny stories about meeting a star?


Yesterday I did: morning pages and the 5 rites


  1. Only in my dreams! I probably could have seen your Gov. and Jamie L. Curtis when they were making a movie in the Keys but neither one of them are my favorites. Where I live now you would only hope to see Oppie or Gomer!!!!!LOL I'm going to finish my story on my blog later today if anyone is interested.

  2. Charles Bronson....Oh yeah. Sounds fun. Olivera Street is fun too.

  3. Well now I know why Johnny was a no-show - he was with YOU! ooohlala. But no mind, George and I, well I'll be discreet. ;)
    I've never been to Olvera St. - a new place to go next time we're down there.
    I, one who has kept an eye for celebs both in NY and LA don't have a siting story except I saw comedian Richard Lewis cross a street in NY (yawn). My mom on the other hand had met Johnny Mathis, June Allyson, Jack Scalia, sat at a luncheon and chatted about family with Jane Fonda, she met Red Skelton..I know there's more. She was never star struck yet she'd be in situations where she'd get to meet these people.
    oh and my cousin went to high school with Tom Hanks in Oakland.
    Aren't you glad to know all this? LOL!!!

  4. One day I was waiting for hubby in my car, parked downtown, Charles Bronson, and his wife (this is a long time ago) stopped to ask if I was leaving, so he could take my spot.
    I have met lots of famous musicians, since I work in the music field, and have always been interested in meeting the men and women who indirectly keep food on my table.
    Cleo Laine, Stan Getz, Ella, Henry Questa, Oscar Peterson.....and the list goes on. Never met an internationally famous actress/actor that I have recognized. I don't think.

  5. I did not watch the Oscars.
    I was upset that Johnny took you and not me.

    Sounds like you two had fun.

  6. I'm so sorry you had a bit of hangover. So glad you had a virtual good time, though! Nothing like a virtual hangover to start the day. Smiling hugely here!

  7. Janet,

    I have met Dan Fogelberg-my all time favorite singer! -lol- but just for about a minute!

    Apart from a few country music stars, that's about it!

    OH! John Travolta owns a home 2 miles from us here in Anthony, Fl! (really! look it up!) I have never happened to be in the same spot that he is - in the 5 years or so that he has been here! LOL- I guess he doesn't shop at Wal-Mart- that often!....but I know several ppl who HAVE seen him around town, (Ocala) grandson, for one!

    My nephew's wife used to hang out at the place in South Florida where Johnny Depp spent a lot of time. This was when he was a teenager or early 20s maybe- before he made it big in Hollywood!

    That's about it- except Pat Buttram ( Gene Autery's sidekick-and of Green Acres) was a distant cousin of mine! But I never met him!


  8. Once I was at a pool in Florida and Richard Benjamin was there too just lounging in his speedos...LOL Remember him? I was a mere teenager when that happened.
    Who else have I met? Hmmmmm...well, my husband and son met Vinnie, Cody, and Mikey from American exciting, huh? I stayed home...not too into that show myself.
    I did meet Mickey Mouse...does that count?

  9. Hehe. You go girl! A hangover is well worth it for Johnny, giggle. What fun seeing things like that. I don't know a lot of country stars but I have seen Keith (not Nicole, yet). It is kinda fun. Hey! I got my gorgeous ATCs today! Thank you!! They are amazing. Once I finish my job in getting this house settled, I'll be back online for fun. Grrrrrr. Thank you!!!

  10. Let's see - most of my sightings are from ages ago, haven't seen anyone too recently - Mac Davis, Bob Hope, Rodney Dangerfield (I was a volunteer at a celebrity golf tournament years ago, lol); Ann Margaret (does anyone even remember her nowadays?); Annette Funicello (they stopped the Autovon car ride in front of us at Disneyland to let her & her kids on first). Winona Ryder (when they were filming "How to Make an American Quilt" here in our town - my mom, daughters and I sat on the sidewalk for quite awhile watching them film). I think that's about it. I'm not counting concerts/plays, since we paid to see them there!
    Gee, for having grown up in SoCal, you'd think I'd have seen more celebrities, but either I'm not too observant, or I don't go into LA often enough, lol.
    I love Olvera Street, haven't been there in ages - thanks for reminding me, I should take my granddaughters down there, they'd love it - they just saw Chinatown for the first time this past weekend, and were so excited, you'd think they'd actually had travelled to China! :-)

  11. Great post! I have seen a few stars! By chance! There are always celebs visiting or filming in or around Charleston. I think I will post my meetings on my blog! Thanks for the inspiration! Ha!

  12. Hello oh Magestic queen of ATC's!!
    The only stars I have met are here..and they are my precious glitter sisters :)
    They really ARE royalty, as are you!!
    PEace, Kai.

  13. That was really interesting which stars you have come across. I am terrible at spotting famous people, my son who lives in London sees people all the time, I never do when I visit, he says I just don't look for them the right way!!

  14. Once a million years ago I did a telethon Janet, and the guy who used to play The Millionaire was there. And a blond lady named Rose..can't remember exactly who she was but she was a movie or tv star, and one of the guys who played on The Wild Wild West was there also. Is that too far back? Well, I got Eric Clapton's autograph once. And in my most wildest, goodest dreams I met Eric Roberts!!! Oh sigh.............

  15. Cool! :-) I don't think I've ever seen anyone famous in person.

  16. Well, I was friends with Janis Joplin and dated Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. That is my experience with fame.

  17. Sounds like you had a fabulous evening. I once met the artist Flavia and she autographed one of her calendars for me!
    We were on a cruise ship with Mark Klaas and his wife. (he is on TV for missing children a lot)..
    I've seen several celebrities from afar but can't recall meeting any others..

  18. I saw you wasn't pretty.
    you are so fun!

  19. Glad you had such a good time at the Oscars - hope you wore the second dress that you showed yesterday - so elegant and sexy at the same time. Couldn't comment at the time thanks to Blogger. My MIL was the one who had encounters with famous people, I probably wouldn't notice them if I saw them:) She knew Albert Finney because she was an old friend of his mum and once, coming over to see us she stopped at a country pub for a break and Peter Falk (Columbo) was in there and she chatted to him for ages. She was very friendly and highly unimpressed by fame, I should think he enjoyed meeting her.

  20. Glad you had such a good time at the Oscars - hope you wore the second dress that you showed yesterday - so elegant and sexy at the same time. Couldn't comment at the time thanks to Blogger. My MIL was the one who had encounters with famous people, I probably wouldn't notice them if I saw them:) She knew Albert Finney because she was an old friend of his mum and once, coming over to see us she stopped at a country pub for a break and Peter Falk (Columbo) was in there and she chatted to him for ages. She was very friendly and highly unimpressed by fame, I should think he enjoyed meeting her.

  21. Hope you are feeling better today!
    You really do know how to have a virtual good time!
    I managed my moring pages too!

  22. Oh Janet... I love this story! Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl living in L.A. I've lived here for almost 11 years (originally from Northern Cali). My first year, I was fortunate enough to attend the Golden Globes on my actual 32nd birthday (this was the year that The Titanic was winning everything)! I saw every celeb under the sun but the most thrilling was getting to chat with Lawrence Fishburn for about ten minutes.

    I also consulted at Warner Bros. a couple years ago and used to have lunch on 'the lot' quite often. Many times, George Clooney would just drive by in his little golf cart and wave hello. He was such sweet guy and so friendly!

    I'm also fortunate in that I have a lot of friends in the entertainment biz so have attended many, many parties with celebs. Most recently I sat right next to Marcia Cross and chatted with Cameron Manheim. It's always fun to see what the celebs are like in real life.

    I am grateful to live in such a vibrant city!

  23. Oh Janet you did give me a giggle with this post - beautifully written. And, good on you for being sensitive to the 'stars' needs.

  24. You should be tired after a night with Johnny,,lol. He would wear me out too. The only stars I ever see are country music stars. I have been a waitress for George Jones several times. I have pumped gas with Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn, seen Micky Gilley and Johnny Paycheck, and Johnny Cash. Umm,,trying to think of more,,oh well,,I would have though Charles Bronson was big too.
    Have a fun day Janet!!!


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