Monday, February 26, 2007

The Morning After....

Whew!! I have a bit of a hangover this morning and my feet are killing me. It must have been all that champagne and dancing at the after Oscar parties last night! It was fab-u-lous, Dah-ling! I was rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite and lovin' every minute.

Johnny was a delightful date and I think he's madly in love with me. He couldn't keep his hands off me all night. I finally had to tell him the bad news....that I'm a married woman. He didn't take it very well, poor guy.

Seriously, now....I thought it would be fun to tell you about one of my experiences seeing a movie star. When you live in the Los Angeles area it sort of becomes a regular occurance for some people. My ex-husband drove several miles along Sepulveda Blvd. next to Jack Nicholson one night. Molly has met Clint Eastwood and many others while working in a deli/wine store. HB and I had Jay Leno pull up beside us and start chatting at a stoplight. I've seen Moon Unit and Dweezel Zappa shopping for groceries at Gelson's. Things like that happen all the time.

But my first experience seeing a star up close was a little scary. I had only been out here a few years and didn't live anywhere near where it's normal to see a star. One afternoon my kids and I decided to go to Olvera Street. Be sure to check out the link as it has lots of information about this historic area.

We got there and the place was very busy....lots of people strolling about and we joined in. As we went along the street I noticed 4 or 5 very rough looking guys coming towards us. These were scary guys....the kind you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley! They just had an extreme look about them.....their clothes, their attitude, they had Liberty spikes, lots of chains hanging from every loop, tats, and they just looked mean. (This was back in the very early 80's.)

I steered us over to the other side of the street to avoid them and we went on our way. A little bit later the kids and I noticed a large group of people standing around looking at something. I immediately thought of the guys we had seen earlier and wondered if something had happened.

My son wanted to check it out and went over to the crowd, then came back to get me and Molly. No one was hurt or murdered or anything like that. No, they were filming a movie right there on Olvera Street....and the star was in the middle of that throng of people....none other than Charles Bronson. They were filming Death Wish II and the four guys we had seen earlier were the gang members from the movie!

We ended up standing around watching for awhile and the thing that was so amazing was how small Bronson was! He had this reputation on screen of being a bad dude and he was just a very small guy in person. Not much bigger than me!! I wish I could show you photos but at the time I didn't even own a camera!

Since then I've had several encounters with "famous" people. I usually try not to bother them or stare at them because I know it must be a royal pain in the a-- to have people doing that all the time. What stars have you seen?? Do you have any funny stories about meeting a star?


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