Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Incredible Mail

I tried and tried to get some great photos but my little camera only has so much oomph to it so I guess these will have to do.

I received these ATCs from Lisa....

I tried scanning them but the fabric one has beads and a cute little turtle in the corner and it wouldn't scan right. I wish you could see it in person. Lisa said it's her first fabric ATC! It's so cute and has so much detail....and glitter!! I did scan the other one and here it is....

The depth in the background is wonderful....and of course the color!!

But the best part of all was this....

One of Lisa's handpainted mugs! It is incredible....the detail is amazing. And there's that color again! I tried to get an artsy shot of it (Gail, that's the beautiful scarf you gave me for my birthday last year) but I'm not a photographer! I just love it! HB couldn't believe that Lisa painted it. We both were just stunned and sat there with our mouths hanging open while admiring all the details. Thank you, Lisa! I feel like a queen.

And here are a couple more ATCs I did today....I had to take photos of them because they won't lay flat to scan either....

I think the photo of Lisa's ATCs and this one are clickable so you can see them larger.

Sharing my computer with HB is a challenge!! We both spend a lot of time on the computer and I'm used to having mine all to myself but now since we're setting up the office for show we only put mine not only am I already behind in reading blogs, now I have to work them in when HB isn't using the computer! So please don't think I'm forgetting about you or ignoring you if I don't visit as much as I did before. I'm learning to play nice and share!!


  1. Isn’t Lisa Fabulous, so happy she got the blog of the day award! I can only imagine how nice her art is in person! It's beautiful on my screen. I love your Atc's too!

    I know how frustrating it can be when you can't have the computer exactly when you want it. It’s been that way at our house for a month now. Even though we are courteous to each other, it’s a pain to have to share it! Eventually it will be like cell phones, where everyone will have their own purse size lap top!

    I’m waiting to see your namelian Janet!

    Giggles Sherrie

  2. Goodness what eye candy Janet!!

    I love the ATC'S Lisa sent you. Can't believe that is her first fabric one! I enlarged the pic so I could take a good look at both of her ATC's. Stunning!! And that mug is gorgeous. And so you!! I feel so privileged to have one from Lisa too. She is such a special soul. Spreading her love and art around the world.

    I love all of your recent ATC's (there is no stopping you now is there *grin*)

  3. Lisa's work is stunning. I was able to click on your picture and see them larger. I got a real chuckle out of yours. You managed to pick just the right background pages for your selections!

  4. those are just gorgeous Janet, you lucky lady!!
    ..Lisa is fabbie..and gets goddess of the day award for her caring and sharing!!
    Peace, Kai.

  5. Anonymous5:38 PM

    What stunning work Lisa does. She has a way of warming one's heart doesn't she?
    Have a Beautiful evening, Janet!

  6. Lisa is a great artist, I wish I just had a drop of her talent. Your ATCs are awesome, you just keep getting better and better. I have to share my computer with Daniel only when he needs some online, his computer doesn't go online but he isn't a online guy that much anymore, only when we were cyberdating from Washinton state to Tennessee, lol.

  7. Well aren't you just the sweetest thing, I am so delighted you liked the mug and the ATC's. Between your post and the lovely things people have said here in comments I actually cried. Don't mind me....I get emotional from such kindness.

  8. Gorgeous!
    It looks like a henna tattoo.


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