Thursday, February 22, 2007

Namelians Gone Wild....

Apparently Hermione was really in a snit yesterday when she flew off with Hortense in her clutches. I thought they had left the area only to find they had not! And to make matters worse, they hid in the studio!!

Just look at the mess they made....

And over here on the other side....

I think they liked my worktable because they must have spent a lot of time messing this was neat as a pin when I left it earlier....(wink, wink)

Hermione and Hortense must have been Namelians Gone Wild by the looks of this room! Hey, I have to blame it on someone....I couldn't possibly have made this mess!!

Can you believe this mess?? And this is where I do all my art! I really do clean it up now and then but it looks pretty much like this when I'm doing anything in there. How does anyone keep a tidy studio? Is there a secret that I don't know? I do know that if I put things back when I drag them out it wouldn't get like this but ....and it's a big but (big butt!!).... when I'm in the middle of creating I don't ever think about putting things away! My mind is usually going in fifty different directions at about 90 MPH and I just grab stuff and go at it.

And here's the kicker....HB wanted to know if I could move my computer into the studio and then he could put his in the office! Yeah! Right! I'll just suspend it from the ceiling because that's the only space not cluttered with stuff!

If that's not bad enough, I went to Michael's today and bought a few more things! Like I really need more stuff! Today they just opened a brand new Michael's about 2-3 miles from our house and of course I had to go check it out. Bummer....this one doesn't carry any of the Golden products either!

I'm off to chase down those pesky Namelians and make sure they aren't in my studio again.


  1. You are having a good, busy Thursday! No wonder your studio is in disarray(sp?)! I'm actually rather accustomed to creative clutter!

    Great mail from Lisa! She has a real talent!

  2. These characters DO get around... been at my place often.

    I've been in your fair state, teaching, so missed your last few posts until now. Happy Blog Birthday!!!! I'm so glad you gave birth to it! May it continue to develop and live a long happy life!

  3. Love this post Janet and your photo's too!! I think having a creative mess is a good thing. Shows you are getting into a art frenzy (and you have certainly been making a lot of art lately, whoo hoooo).

    At least you havea studio. I create in my lounge room and it's a mess!

  4. The only thing I can do with the mess is wait until the particular project is done and clean like a crazy person--this is when I toss mercilessly--because I can't wait to start on the next thing. And when you have messy helpers...well it just gets impossible doesn't it.

  5. Janet, I am getting very worried about you....The Namelians have found your hideaway. No, I didn't send them, even if my work table does look just like yours!!!!!!!

  6. Ah the tales of the messy workspace...actually it looks like you can still walk around without fear of hazards...that's saying something. Those Namelians are WAY too cheeky and I think some of their relatives had a hand in my studio madness. (which btw is finally looking better and free of hazards finally)

  7. You crack me up Janet. They are pesky lil devils are they not. Just when you think you have it back to "normal" (what ever that boring word means), poof there goes the entire area again.

    Have fun.

  8. Janet, I think your studio looks EXACTLY! as it should. I have never met an artist yet who's little space on this earth (studio) was in ship shape order!

    Gosh! why my artist mum is one of those who has a studio just like this. She is ever so happy today she has sold many of her pieces over the years but this week there has been a run on them.

    Now catch those mischief makers and shut them in a draw or cupboard, I think they would have trouble getting out for some time.

    enjoy your day Janet.

  9. Anonymous3:04 AM

    All that looks like very important stuff! You just want it at your fingertips...
    I have the same problem with my computer room but I think it is those nervy squirrels who hang around my window during the

    Take care,

  10. LOL
    Looks familiar!
    Well at least the beautiful art you make comes out of your studio!!!

  11. Gotta love your studio, just the way I want mine to be, when I clear my yarns away.

  12. I am so pleased to see your messy studio, it's nice to know I am not alone with a very messy workspace. Mine is complicated at the moment with stacks of my mother's stuff in bags and boxes to sort through.

  13. Hey! Did you come into my art room and take pictures!?

  14. LoL! :D My whole house looks like your studio, Janet! Those pesky namelians are taking over! ;)
    I, too, have to share the computer, but with my teenage son. I'm fortunate that he is very patient with me - sometimes! ;) Play nicely, now...

    You must have enough Art around you now to set up your own gallery, and that mug is unbelievable! What talent Lisa has, and what a lucky girl you are! Wonderful! :)

  15. My kitchen table is where stuff happens. It's hard to eat at the table when it is covered up with all my treasures. I am a sloppy cutter, I can't seem to get it in my head...trash-can!!!!!
    Scrapbooking is a true illness, and I have thought about rehab...but if they took my scissors and glue..oh NO!
    I don't see any of it as is just stuff waiting to become something. But it would be nice to have my kitchen table to eat on now and then.
    Happy cluttering! Mary


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