Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Out and About

I'm sorry I didn't have more time to devote to the blog after my winners were announced yesterday. I was MIB (missing in blogland) again. HB and I had to leave almost immediately to go to Bakersfield on business and we didn't return until early evening. It was a long day. I had planned to spend some time in the studio when we got home but instead I spent some time on the couch!!

I did manage to squeeze in a bit of shopping though!! I bought several used books (95 cents each) that have great pictures in them plus an old dictionary (for 80 cents!)....

I think these will find their way into some ATCs and collages over the next few weeks. I love finding used books that I can cut up and not feel like I'm destroying something valuable. Having sold books online in the past I always check the value of a book if I'm not sure about it. But these are all ordinary, easily obtainable books with little monetary value. So they're off to the chopping block!

Then I finally found an art supply store and bought some Golden's gel medium. And a stop to a couple of thrift shops uncovered some interesting finds in the fabric section.

I'm not sure I'll find something creative to do with any of this but if nothing else one piece has some sequins on it that I can cut off and use somewhere else! I also found that small scrap of red velvet. I never pass up velvet! So I guess it wasn't a complete loss for the day. I also posted a few new photos on my other blog (link is at the top right side of this blog.)

I have been very bad about posting my daily stats....not because I haven't been doing my routines but just because I usually forget! So here is today's....


morning pages - check
the five rites - check
treadmill - check
weights - not today


  1. I am already thinking that you could make some interesting creations with the fabrics and books. WOW, I think I need to go and find some stuff, too.

  2. SHOPPING!!! I wanta go. I'm getting cabin fever, back is somewhat better, I think a day at the thrift store is just what I need. Can't wait to see what you make with some of this great find.

  3. You really scored on those books! Our one little used book store would have charged $8-9 each for them. You'll LOVE gel medium, which is great for gluing and texture, although it doesn't take paint very well. If you want a product you'd use in the same way that will accept paint, try Golden absorbent ground, which takes paint just like watercolor paper. I also use matte medium for glueing, but it also has that slightly plastic feel to it.

    Speaking of anonymous comments, I recently got a double virus from going to someone's blog... it was a person on my favorites list. Sadly, she probably doesn't know it's happening. I don't have her email to let her know. So, I understand not allowing anonymous comments... but it's sad.

  4. I love the words..Off to the chopping block with them.. LAFF, sort of like off with their heads in Alice in wonderland. I think it will be lovely to see your ATC's made from those..nifty neato idea Ms Janet..
    ok, I didnt want to but.. I knew it..I guessed Claire's father. teehee. did you ever see a show called Prophet that he starred in..?
    Im dating myself now..lol
    Peace, Kai.

  5. Sounds as though your day out resulted in quite a treasure trove,it will be interesting to see what you create with them.

  6. I will look forward to seeing more ATC's Janet. Old book illustrations are great for that.
    Fabric looks good too..!

  7. Well you are getting your morning pages done. I've been kinda slack....probably need a little reminder like you have on your blog.

  8. What fun stuff you found. I love shopping in old "needful things" stores. Um, I like couch time too!

  9. OH,, I got my wonderful ATCs yesterday! I dearly love them. I have them posted on my blog today. I have been a bad blogger lately. But its chock full of art today!! Can't wait till I get my winning ATC,,YAY!! Thanks Janet!!!!

  10. way to go! you found some great things - and I know you will certainly find a use for all of it!

  11. Jan,
    I saw where you bought a box just like mine recently, well, I bought some Golden's gel medium just like you yesterday! Too bad we can't shop together! Of course then we'd both want the same thing! Love your finds...it is so fun collecting...I need to create and stop collecting now though!

  12. Yayyyyyy! Janet! GO girly GO!!! I'll think of YOU now when I exercise! They say it's better to have a buddy sometimes! YOU got some bargains!!! Lots of Cool stuff! Look at those birdies!!! xo, Cinda

  13. Catching up on your posts Janet!

    What a great stash of books you bought - and great prices. I know you will do a lot of wonderful things with them.

    Glad you some gel medium. You are going to love the stuff!!


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