Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Pony Express....

The mailman brought a long awaited goodie yesterday evening. Last week Blue emailed me to see if I had received a package from her....and no, I had not. She told me she sent something out around the first of the year (!!) and since it hadn't arrived I thought it was lost. How sad.

But lo and behold there it sat in my mailbox yesterday! Postmarked the 9th of January it took that long to reach me!! Now I know Canada is another country but it isn't that far away!! Nevertheless I was so happy to get it. She sent me a beautiful card and this beautiful "spa card"....

And an added bonus is the delicious (not edible) sounding recipe on the back for apricot oil moisturizer! I love this card!! You might not be able to see but it has GLITTER, a pretty little lacy flower with a "diamond" in the middle, and is just so pretty with my initial right there at the top. Thank you, Blue!! I'm so glad it wasn't lost. And thanks for putting bees on the envelope....they're so cute.

Since my big night out with Johnny I haven't had much excitement to write about. How do you top that!! I have been busy in the studio but nothing I can share yet. I'm working on a few things for swaps and believe it or not, I'm even thinking about Christmas! I've also been doing a scarf on one of the round looms. It's simple and I can sit and do that while I watch tv in the evenings....although I haven't really been watching that much tv lately. And on Wednesdays, the night I always watch, I never do anything but concentrate on the tv! Maybe tonight I can finish the scarf. I'm using that eyelash/furry yarn and it's turning out very pretty....

I bought the yarn at Joann's when they had it on sale for $1 a skein! So for just a couple of dollars I'll have a spiffy new scarf.

I finished knitting another red scarf for next year's Red Scarf project so I have it all ready to go! I had the extra yarn so just kept going. Now you just watch....I'll completely forget where I put it next year and will have to make another one anyway! Of course when I do, then I'll find this one. It works that way every time for me!


Yesterday I did my morning pages and the 5 rites.


  1. Interesting looking scarf!

    The Spa card is beautiful. Love the colors.

  2. I've never seen a loom like this-I suppose it works the same as a knitting Nancy that the kids use?
    The scarfe looks great.

  3. Oh Jan...I so love that scarf! Now tell me can I make that too without knowing how to knit or crochet??? I so love the many wonderful fibers out there..especially the glittery ones!
    The card is so soothing and sweet...love that too! Fun visiting you as always...

  4. You have so many projects going at once, and even all ready for next Christmas! Wow girl, you are on TOP of things!

  5. Janet,

    I love the colors and the look of that scarf!...something I might wanna try!


  6. That Blue is such a sweetie, just like her mom I think. Well, not just like, but in the important ways! She is such a sweetheart. That is a lovely card and the receipe sounds great! You lucky lady. You deserve it. I love your 'knitting' too. It is a fun mix of colors

  7. Love your scarf. So many really beautiful bright colors.

  8. What cool mail goodies! I love the scarf - I laughed about not finding it next year and having to make another one, that rang a bell for me.

  9. lol, ive made so many ahead of time projects and put them somewhere *safe*..your words are so true..lol..
    I do love the scarf though and had seen the knitters in michaels, do you find them easy to work with? I wondered about them..
    OH, and THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got your ATC today and Im putting in my travel journal to england!!
    Peace and thankies muchos. Kai

  10. Yay, you got my card! I thought the mailman made off with it.
    The scarf, so nice!!!!
    Enjoy your day Miss. J!

  11. Using your knitting loom!? Good for you!

  12. What a beautiful card! I can see why sweet blue would want to send that to you.
    The wonderful thing about computers is clicking on the picture and it gets bigger... and you get to see all of the detail.

    Fabulous colors in your scarf!

    Thank You for popping over and leaving a comment.;)

  13. Love the spa card Janet - sounds like it went on a long trip to get to you!!

    And the scarf colors are gorgeous(the yarn was an amazing bargain).

  14. Looms, scarves... You have my complete admiration!

    the mail between Canada and California is ridiculous. Sometimes it takes forever, other times it takes 4 days. You wouldn't know we both constitute North America!!!


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