Sunday, February 11, 2007

Simple Abundance Sunday #4

This week was all about being an artist. Hhmmm....right up my alley. Quick.... tell me. How do you do that.

Well, it seems we are all, each and everyone one of us....yes, you artist. Each day we have a new canvas to work on and each day we create our lives. We can paint with bold strokes or tiny, timid ones but we will create that life or we won't exist anymore! It's interesting how many things I read just seem to mesh with "The Secret"....and deep down don't we all know that we really do create the lives we live?

One of the things I most loved about the messages for this past week was to turn away from the world! Whoa! That sounds weird. But it isn't. What Sarah means is to stop reading newspapers and magazines and to stop watching the news on tv. Heck, I don't really think of it as "news" anyway. It's more like a few sensationalized, slanted, biased things they want us to believe, a bunch of juicy tidbits about some celebrity and what they have been arrested for, and some obligatory sob story to tug at your heart-strings. That, to me, isn't news. So doing that is already part of my news for me. And I still know what's going on in the world!

I liked Sarah's thinking on this...."Only when the clamor of the outside world is silenced will you be able to hear the Deeper Vibration." That makes sense to me. How can we hear something when there's too much noise all around us?!

She also talked about having schedules....which I never really thought about. I'm just a routine person. I usually get up somewhere around the same time each day and end my day at about the same time....schedule! My meals are not scheduled though. I eat when I'm hungry! I don't mean when I "think" I'm hungry but when I am actually hungry. But my day is pretty routine most of the time so....Whew! I've got that one down pat! Easy peasy.

When she talked about being an artist Sarah said, "With every choice, every day, you are creating a unique work of art." More common threads with "the Secret"....the choices we make....every single one of them!....create the live we live. If we smile and act happy, then we will be. If we frown and act unhappy, sad, or angry then we will be. It's so simple and yet sometimes it's so difficult. I also liked when she said to take a risk every day. To do something that makes you feel great after you've done it. Wear that wild, crazy skirt that's tucked in the back of your closet....or that string of handcrafted beads that you never wear. Try some bright colored socks instead of the plain black or white you always wear. Shake things up a bit! Art is never stagnant and so life should not be either. Well, there goes my routine!

When we start doing all these things and realizing what it is we really like and want in our lives, it's amazing how many of the things already there are not what we want!! But that's good to know. It's good to find out what is really and truly important to learn what we want to keep and what we want to get rid's time to sort through all that "stuff" and pick out the gems and toss away the junk. Boy, do I have my work cut out for me on this one!!

I guess for this week the big thing is to really think about the choices we all make and to realize that with each one we are adding another brushstroke to that canvas. Is it the right one? Will the colors blend or will it get muddy? Will the end result be pleasing or completely off? Think about the choices and how they will fit into your canvas of life. Now I'm off to find some big, bold brushes!!


  1. Hi Janet,

    A dear friend of mine, who is way wise beyond her years, in a workshop on design once told us (and I paraphrase): Each day you get up and decide what to wear. It is a design choice. Each day you decide what color of pen to write with. It is a design choice. Each day you drive to work (or in our case it is wherever) and your car is a certain color on the inside and the outside. Another design choice. Each day you look at your house as you leave or come home. The colors, the type of house, all design choices. If you have a big garden or just grow plants in pots, they are design choices. We all makes several hundred design choices every day. This class is nothing new, just a way of codifying and making your design choices more to your liking. We are all designers in our everyday lives, let's just be conscious of what we are doing.

    Whenever I wonder if I'm an artist really, I think about that. Yes, I'm a designer and an artist really. Your blog should be very inspirational to everyone today.

  2. I really liked reading this one on choices. This is one of my favorite topics. "We are free to choose, but forced to make a choice"....I saw a copy of Simple Abundance in the thrift store, got so excited, pulled it off the shelf only to find it was the one for guys....

  3. I rarely read newspapers since I quit work, and I agree with you about not watching or listening to the news. They should have a good news report..!
    Quiet time and solitude is so important to refresh and replenish the spirit.
    You're right Janet. It's all about choices..

  4. Hope you won't mind me throwing caution to the wind, and/or playing the devil's advocate... I have to take exception to the questions in the last paragraph of your post. I believe asking questions such as "if we've made the right choice" or "if the results will be pleasing" get us into trouble, give too much importance to the inner critic. They ask for judgements, and judgements are walls. Although I love the idea of bold choices, and the analogy of painting our own lives, it's also important to realize that no choice is forever, that we can forgive our mistakes, and that we do the best we can. It's particularly fun to make choices, when we let go of the notion that the results are so very important... when we fly on the wings of our choices and land wherever they take us!

    Nice addition to your post from Mary Timme, huh!

  5. I just posted this morning about finally having an AH HA! moment - all of which coincides with everything you've just said. I worry so often about purging the clutter in my home but what I really need is to purge the clutter in my mind. I don't watch the news either..and if G has it on I will do other things. Not to bury my head in the sand of what's going on - but because it is as you described. G and I were saying last night how all the news and things like Dateline are profiling this Anna Nicole Smith thing...YET where are the stories of the young men and women who lose their lives on the field of battle? oops, sorry, got a bit off topic there.
    Anyway, I agree with your post and I am on a personal quest to turn things UPWARD!

  6. I agree - so many, many people have the same philosophy as Sarah but I love the way she puts it too us - Louise Hay is another of my faves... I enjoyed this week's journey - my life is a great big canvas stretching before me - what will I do with it? have a wonderful week this week, Janet xoxo

  7. you are absolutely right about avoiding the news. I've been watching it less but as I've been doing that I've been reading more non-fiction. I find that reading non-fiction has more value to me now than the sound-bites leading up to the 10 pm news. I also was mulling over the name Sarah when it hit me that you wear talking about the writer of Simple Abundance. Duhhh. Anyway, I went looking for my copy and discovered what I HAD was her Romancing the Ordinary: A year of Simple Splendor. This will be perfect for me and my here and now. Thanks for pointing me in such a good direction.

  8. Your posts always make me think Janet. And this one was no exception. We make choices every day. And those choices shape our lives and reflect who we are.

    I love the choices you make in art and life. And am so glad you chose to create a blog for us.

    I don't watch the news much anymore as it depresses me and make me upset.


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